Ortega report.

Tom bolenate

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Hi all,

Here a few inputs of my Ortega grow.
Let's start by a little sum up of the beginning.
Started from old seeds that where poorly stored.
Don't have the exact figures in mind but germ rate was very good.... The fem/male ratio was crazy.
7 fem out of 9 plants.... Had to sacrifice one for space matter.
Kept one male to make F2 but abandoned the idea since.... So the male went to the compost pile...

They had about 1 month of growth and were between 30 and 40 cm height when put on 12/12.
A bit early for me, I usually like to grow that kind of plant till they reach preflower stage.... But was a bit in a hurry.
I think this may have delayed a bit flowering oncet.

Plants are in 3ltr pot of coco/perlite mix.
Feeding a bit aggressively... Ghe 3 parts, program k feeding schedule at full steight, ph at 6... No fancy additives or snake oil powder added... I try to keep things simples and effectives.
Just some silica powder (mineral magic) once a week to renforce the structure and help to keep them healthy.

All plants are at 38 days 12/12.

So now let me introduced you:

General shape.

Top bud shot.

86 cm.
Tight branch structure... They keep very close to the trunk.
Smell is mostly lemony with a strange kind of sweetness in background... Something between Orgeat syrup and the paper glue we used at school (late 70's I'm not that young)....not unpleasant but not my stuff.
Low resin and slow flowering.
Look like it will yield very well.

Very close to O1 in any aspects.
Same kind of smell but less prounonced.
Top bud pictures....

Won't edit more general structure Pic for others plants...
They are not good.... But you can see them in my galerie if you want.



more open structure than 1 & 2.
Smell is sweet fruity but no berries with light lemon touch on the background.
Seems to flower a bit faster.
A bit more resin too.

1 male flower detected end of week 4.


67 cm.... Smallest one.
Semi open structure.
Very small bud tightly packed against the trunk.
Will yield low.
Smells is totally different on this one..
Very kushy.... But sweater....
This plant was very different looking that all the others.
Pistills are Biggers and very curly.

1 male flower detected at end of week 5.


Look a bit similar to 1 & 2 in structure and shape.
Smell is very lemony with roasted /toasted smells in background..... I really like it.
Significantly more resin on this one...
Flower a bit faster than the others.
2 male flowers detected end of week4.


84 cm.
Close to 5 in look and structure.
Smell is indescriptible but very pleasant.
The most resinous plant of the bunch.
Slower than 5.
My preferred one with 5.

About the male flowers found on 3 plants:
I inspect all plants very carefully twice a week since flowering oncet.
All these males flowers were seen at the very bottom of the plants (at the first level I kept, all the bottom parts of plants have been pruned) and all where preflowers....nothing in buds.
So cannot really say than I have faced any hermi problem till now.
All plants have a nice smell but nothing overly pungent....disctets plants odor wise.
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Tom bolenate

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I don't know.... It's my first try with it.
1 or 2 (apparently sterile) male flowers at week 4-5.....and nothing since is not the end of the world.
My goal isn't to restart an other never-ending debate on that...just report honestly my observations... Anyway one point seems to make the consensus among all the people who tried it : the end product is top notch!
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Looking good man.. that's a shame.. happened.. few have had issue with the strain or some plants within the strain, personally haven't but only grown handful.. always a way to get balls on a plant without chemicals, same as always a way to keep them from showing. Hard to know when from seed. but if plant worth keeping the cuttings going ( chance intersex wont show in the clones) and they also show intersex issues at same time, then can experiment with environment diet, rh light etc to find the chain of causation. Or throw away what doesn't work in your current environment.. .


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Oh, thanks for nice shots...

Looking good on photo.. I wonder how they develop till the end ;)

Hope you get a good smoke ;)

Tom bolenate

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Hi all,

All plants got the chop this morning @65days 12/12.
Very satisfied of this grow.... Looks like I have a good amount of delicious bud to smoke.

Don't have time to take picture of every plants, show you the 2 I feel most impressive.

Ortega 1.....not the best smelling of the bunch (just a good lemon smell but nothing special), but it shows the good yield potential of this genetic.

It could have gone longer but needed the space for my next grow, and I have spotted a little mold start.....
This plant has définitly the potential to be a cash cropper plant once dialed properly.... But that's not what I look for.

Hard to make picture that do justice to this plant....but I really have the feeling I have found something special.
The smell is to die for..... A nice hindu kush base wrapped in sweatness but not fruity at all.... I named her "honey kush".
Very good resin and nice purpling.
Low yielder but small plant that could stand high density growing style....and it was the fastest flowering of the bunch.
A rare NL1 pheno I think.

Top bud pic:
This plant went to reveg.... Don't want to loose it.

A few words about hermi "problem" :
Some plants of this bred seems a bit more sensitive to stress than the average.... In my case I think that it was mostly caused by the plants beeing too crowded.
Nothing more than that.... And nothing to really worry about....try it and you will find something that fit you environment for sure.
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Nice report Tom. IME, cleaning up the bottoms is de rigueur for these plants. Looking forward to another crop of this fine medicine. Thanks for sharing your experience.