Ortega Outdoor 2020

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1 Ortega plant. No selection. Placed in sub-irrigated planted I made this year in my backyard.

This is the planter: (it is a used compost bin that someone threw out)

This is how the planter was made: (Reservoir with gravel in the bottom lets water disperse and be wicked up, remainder is filled with soil)
planter reservoir.png

This is the plant when first planted: (Started early indoors, planted late May)
Ortega planted.png

This is the plant on June 20 2020:
Ortega June 20 2020.png

More pictures to follow, later in the year.


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Ingenuity is not dead and we learn from our experience. What a great idea and Fish's suggestion of wheels makes it even better. Kinda like those moving chicken coups lol. Looking forward to how they turn out.