Opening up The Doors

Hey braddah Marcus!

It was great to ride shotgun with you on this journey, Marcus. Your documentation is invaluable, especially for those who decide to do a Doors grow. Congrats, hats off, kudos, and everything in between for finishing up your journal. So many unfinished- leaving us hanging… We/I got so much from yours.

Excellent all around! And where will you go from here? What seeds come to mind?

Today I chopped the two earliest seed plants of The Doors. D2 and D6 were both showing a fair amount of amber trichomes (~20%) and the F2 seeds appear to be fully mature.

D2 and D6 seed plants at harvest

D2 cola at harvest

D6 cola at harvest

Way back when the first true leaves showed, D2 and D6 showed the widest leaves and I predicted that they would be the first to finish, and be the strongest Indica leaners of the lot. Turns out I was right about the correlation of wide first (and early veg) leaves with faster flowering and Indica-leaning structure. I think this partially justifies my selection approach, that many disagree with, of using leaf morphology as selection criteria if I want to grow sativa-leaning plants from haze hybrids. Let's see how these two smoke compared to the others, but I'm going to predict that D2 and D6 have a stonier high than the others.

The difference between the fully seeded seeded outdoor/indoor plants and the seedless clones in the tent is remarkable. The seeded plants have much leafier buds, less resin density, lower aroma levels and mature faster than their indoor sinsemilla clones. The D2 and D6 clones in the tent probably need another two weeks to finish (at ~10 weeks).
Nice work. Much food for thought in this grow so far. Congratulations!
Thank you Marcus for sharing the pics on this thread! I like the description of the D7 as that is the Haze smell and taste I fell in love with as a kid in the 90's and been searching for ever since. Well done buddy.