Odor scrubbing in larger room question


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I’ve been using a tent and using a carbon filter as long as doors are closed and keeping negative pressure in it so that all the air in tent goes through the filter before exhausted I have no issues with odor.

I’m upsizing and I’m not sure if attempting to scrub a room may end up more work and cost than just buying a bigger tent.

I’d have to frame up a smaller area,make a door,line walls with orca film or use paneling that’s used in bath and shower rooms.

Medical is legal in my state now but I still want to keep grow stealth.

If you have used big tents and built your own room,could you give your experience.
Did you build a room and think tents were a better way or should have built a room to start out?
Prices of tents have plummeted.I can get a good 8 by 8 tent for 300-350.00.


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I like to run a carbon filter in the room with the plants, and to have one attached to the exhaust. and one outside the rooms.

I prefer big rooms to big tents, because you have to walk in the bigger tent to care for plants in the middle, and that overtime messes up the mylar on the floor. you can put such a thick coat of white epoxy on the floor, that it will be there for a decade.