Nothing like this herb


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We had our holiday party for the weed place I work last night. There were about 125 or so people there, between cultivation/lab/store/reps, and everyone was smoking.

Everyone was stoned to the bone on all the new super-hybrids. My lady friend an I smoked some Mango Haze I had put up for special occasions, and I tell ya- we were having the best time out of everyone there. We couldn't stop laughing, we were talkative, and it was beautiful. People thought we were on shrooms.

Only one seed was viable from a ten-year-old pack I stored poorly, and it definitely wasn't the best MH I've had, but it still is a better high than anything else I have had in years, as far as feeling alive and happy.

I love that after all the decades of smoking I can still get giggly like a teenager just starting to smoke, thanks to these killer oldschool strains. Shanti is doing good work and I'm happy he keeps the classics alive.

Hell yeah.


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This is one of the threads / descriptions that has me really excited to get some mango haze going next run!!