NL5 x Haze by hex


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9 out of 10 popped but one collapsed on itself and died.

Much more uniform than my SSH seedlings.


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good luck with these.
I still have some more to go through, but I was pretty disappointed with the results.
the four females I saw were not worth giving another try.
Hard to believe until I grew them for myself.
Didn't the original NL5 Haze come with a warning about it being too strong?
well I don't think this remake will give you those problems.
now it is probably the last mns pack I would go back and try,
but sometimes its just the luck of the draw, and the few I had didn't do it.

heres to hoping you get lucky and get a really good one.


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I think I have 3 females, 6 males, and the less mature males are probably SSH.

But yeah, that was kind of misleading as there are 9 pictured males.

I'll post the females soon.

Mary Mary

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G`day Jack

You`ve smoked C5 .
So have I . Who ever wrote that bit about people peeing their pants after smoking NL Hz was exaggerating some what .

Its a solid smoke . Never felt like I was out of my depth though .

I have had Nevil`s Haze that`s too strong a few times . Didn`t enjoy the buzz . Anxious and paranoid .