NL5 Skunk are very ill looking,is something wrong with genes?


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These have been very ill looking.100% germination but most branches are short on one side long on the branch on one side is 1/2 in long,on other side 3 inches long.
4 have indica structure,rest are tall,lanky with very short branches.
One female showed a week ago,1st to show sex,rest aren't showing,and have tiny round dot on one node and on another node a pear.
I've never seen any sex glands show like these,they begin to look like a female but then a week later I see signs of males.
I've never had to toss a full crop but these are getting very sick looking and after 6 weeks,14 days in 12/12 no males or females have shown except a female a week ago.
It's a first for me,1st to show is a female very healthy,rest haven't showed and look like both male and female.
Do Hermes show later than males and females?


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Yes they will normally show and start to bud as female then pop nutz.

At 6 weeks plants arent full maturity (probably not even alternating yet) so will show sex slower.



Hey Bro,

I would suggest taking some pics of the plants and either post here or just PM to Shanti.

Should be able to sort out if you had any missteps or got a bad pack or if there is indeed something wrong with the batch of seeds.

Or maybe something is incredibly right. Plants could look sick/unhealthy/unworthy/grow poorly and still have insane potency, taste etc.
Look at OG Kush.... Show me an uglier growing strain... From the growth pattern, blooming pattern, etc. etc. that strain should be considered an undesirable failure but the effects and flavors have people coming back for more it seems.

I also suggest you have a look into the Ortega section of the forum.
There is a thread by a guy who was enraged and super unhappy with his Ortegas who apparently all hermed and stuff.
After a long back and forth he grew them out and realized that while yes, they hermed on him, the end product was outstanding and his own words were "this strain completely changed my view on hermies".

All that being said, if you are unhappy or question the quality of the seeds, I am sure that Mr. Nice Team/Shanti will fix you up. At least their reputation is such. Haven't had the chance/need to try and find out for myself yet.

My suggestion would be to document everything with pics, either post here or PM Shanti to try and figure out if any changes can be made to support the plants better and just grow them out either way and see what the end product will be like.

If there is no satisfaction to be had, ask them to compensate you.

Wish you all the best Bro, stay frosty!