New Growth Deforming

I am having trouble uploading pics due to photo size

My plants have been droopy and new leaf tips are becoming deformed as well as leaves bending in odd ways

It’s like the pistil in veg is causing them to look

If someone can help with pics I would appreciate it


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do you grow in soil or in hydro ?

if is in soil

i think is the size of the pot is to little for the roots

or you have a parasite but the plant not look sick

how many litter ?

you are in bloom ?
Not at all

I started them in Happy Frog then transplanted into Roots 707

They are peeking up today

I raised my light and took canopy temp from 75 to 80f

They aren’t taking up much water and the soil felt a lil cold

I may need to keep temps hire til roots establish better

I was gonna flip em to 12/12 on Monday but may wait

I have been using smart pots the past 2 grows but lost a lil bud each time from humidity getting a lil high so went back to 707 and 3 gallons grow bags

I may have ovetwatered a lil bit as I got accustomed to the smart pots which require more watering and fertilizer

I went back to my basics willing to sacrifice a bit of yield potential for the more convenient less watering and no loss of bud from mold

I will update photos tonight