new cbd crew strains lister @ attitude???


They are not new, just not listed here on auctions.

Just check out the CBD crew website ( and you will find all the infos available on the strains.

These are the 3 CBD strains that are available as regular seeds.


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Howdy LRV! How's the amnesia treating you?

I'm guessing that these were the 3 regular test strains from 2013... here's a couple of pieces of info from them.

I was a tester for the cbdr2 strain... Being a guerilla grower, I failed at my testing duties and documenting the grow, but can say that that strain had the best aromas in the garden that year. I'm trying some late season f2s now.

Hi All

The widows are regular seeds and there are 3 CBD enriched regular strains, so in fact , a testing for CBD-crew and separately for MNS.

Funnily enough I have had quite some pm to go through. If you received a pm back saying i registered you as a potential tester then i will process any members who pm me before the end of this month.

So it is clear I will write down the strains and those chosen to do the testing for those strains with their members names from the forum.

I can tell you this...all strains parents have been tested well and i do know that CBDR1, CBDR2, and CBDR3 will be expected to hit with higher THC;CBD levels than previously if their parents are anything to judge them by...which is usually the case!
Also the two widows of MNS, have also had their parents tested for THC levels as well as all cannabinoids, and there will be some excellent results expected in these girls. Just selection and numbers will be the testing part for each grower.

Considering these are all regular seeds and I would expect 50:50 males to females, the seed sample i send out will be 20 seeds. I am ultimately looking for information on the resulting Female plants of all strains...and for the CBD enriched strains I would be hoping for a cannabinoid lab test for those plants that look interesting to the growers.All strains i would like photos of in both growing and flowering that is kind of a basic synopsis of things i am expecting from a tester so please be honest with me as i am in need of extra help at this moment.

Thanks for your attention all the best sb

Hi All

yes we have done well and seem to be the first by some distance on this trait breeding with most companies not willing to copy mindlessly like other strains from the past.It seems the plan of making companies honest on a medically defined seed is working and most have integrity and respect for the patients needs.
CBD-crew has swelled in the companies we now make CBD enriched strains for which include Dutch Passion, Roor Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Barneys Farm,Grass o matic, Royal Queen Seeds, and just sent off the offers to Dinafem and Serious Seeds after both of these two companies asked me directly for the Expogrow in Irun Spain a few weeks ago.

By end of October we will have a further control for all those companies to abide by and that is to use a hologram sticker on each packet of CBD-crew made seed to authenticate the seed for the end well as to avoid fakes and copies being mindlessly produced and passed as CBD enriched seed.

So all in all things are going from strength to strength.We did not think it would be so well received by other companies but it is a welcome thing. The individuals we have now helped get started on growing their own medication are having equally fulfilling results and relief with various conditions. That is the reason we added recently the testimonial page at CBD-crew !

We also have CBD Mango Haze (fem), and CBD Medihaze(fem) ready and tested and being packed as we speak...
We have completed a 2.5 yr research with Grassomatic developing an Auto flowering feminised CBD enriched strain called Medi Gom 1.0 and it already sold a large volume in its first weeks of being presented. We also presented a paper together at Koln Germany at the annual Cannabinoid Conference this last week.
Canna fundation in Valencia has been very supportive and is partnering us with all lab controls and for this we are very happy and appreciative.

We have 3 new regulars still awaiting lab testing and since i am doing this with several of the testers I expect a little more time before we have these on the market...just to add my personal opinion on these regular test seeds it does seem to be stronger on the CBD side and lower on the THC side in general but i will wait to correlate all the data together before clarifying things.
I believe we have completed one new exclusive strain for Dutch Passion(to be named) from one of their original mother plants they gave us to enrich it with CBD. We completed 2 exclusive strains for Paradise Seeds but still need to flower the progeny seed out to test it works, and got a further 2 exclusive Barney Farm strains we are doing the enrichment with in progress. We have done most of this on top of producing Mr Nice Seeds and CBD-crew seeds as we do normally. It has been an exceptionally busy time and I felt like a juggling act for most of the summer...but it begins to work well so all is worthwhile.
Thought maybe you needed an update from the horse`s mouth to know where we are and what is going hope that makes people understand the work we are putting in for this project.
When Howard and I decided to go on together with Resin Seeds and the CBD-crew project it was not done to be the next big thing nor to challenge other companies but to keep the medical claims to truth for the end users. CBD -crew so far is the only ones producing this seed world wide, and we have donated this seed to so many institutions and Universities from Israel to Canada, Holland, Spain and South we do expect to see quite some exciting results coming from studies using our genetics officially in the year to come.
Howard is going to do a CBD crew presentation in Chile as a guest of the Canamo group in the Chile Cannabis Cup. Both Howard and I will do a seminar in Prague about the CBD-crew and answer questions in November.

So while things are still in the stabilizing set up stage we are all happy with the progress as too are those using this new CBD enriched seed. I believe there are a few more projects in the pipeline that I will announce as soon as i am allowed to but they are equally exciting and making me get out of bed each day to go to work! So while i am getting old and have done this work for so long, it still puts a smile on my face and makes me very happy to contribute my skills and work along with many others to getting things with CBD-crew sorted in a good way.

Finally to add that the Widow Ac and Grail widow testers are beginning to send in photos of finished plants it seems there are some excellent results amongst them! I will report more as i tally the results.

So thanks to everyone on the site and guests to the site all is going well and with direction to empower the medical patients and their designated growers.

Be safe and well and all the best shantibaba
Hi All

just to inform you of a few things.

Sent out almost 75% of the testers packs already and if I do not hear from the remainding winners I will make those few packets available to others so please pm me to get up and running on this project.I will wait until the 20th of April then any packs left will go up for grabs.

Some notes for those testers about to get started...without revealing or biasing the testers.

CBD1 will be mainly Indica dominant so treat it like that type of plant.

CBD2 will be an equal mix of sativa and indica dominance so treat it as such.

CBD 3 will be Sativa dominant and I personally feel this will be the plant with higher THC levels and higer CBD levels if we go on the parents lab tests...please be careful this plant may stretch a lot and will be the longest in flowering...think btn 11-14 weeks.

Grail Widow will be Sativa dominant and subject to stretch in the first 2 weeks possibly 3 weeks. This plant can be topped up to 4 weeks into flowering...I believe it will be 12 weeks flowering in general a few more a few less. The thing to concentrate on here will be resin production and aromas.

Widow AC will be the wild card in a small seed batch. While i expect it to be strectching in the first 2 weeks flowering quite a bit, scent, flavour and weight will be the factors i would be considering on this strain...As for flowering time anything btn 9-13 weeks possible.

So without revealing all the details of the genetics until most testers are up and running these are some factors to help those testers get sorted and testing...

A photo in a few stages of growing. A photo in a few stages of flowering. A finished flowering photo ...a smoke report and lab test are the things i wish testers to consider for MNS and CBD-crew while undertaking this project .

For the rest I wish you all an exciting time and will make a few new headers for the testers to do their thing under strain section but till then just write the strain and add the thread to general in strain area. I will sort it out soon all the best sb
hi primalhaze, good to see you there,thank you a lot for the informations,
yes always treating my self with the amnesia and hazez ,working also with hybrids of it with awesome results.
i just finish one Neville haze X cbd3 ,and i really love the high,like walking on foam but with a total i look for new sativa cbd seed on the C5 spectrum.