Neville haze pheno?


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Hello! I would like to know if it is normal for all the plants obtained (1/2 pack, year 2017) to have these large indica leaves, much wider than Nl5hz,master kush and other indi...
I don't want to be argumentative or start bad vibes, but this thing intrigues me ...



Always hard with the small sample size to say if it is a statistical anomaly or indicative of the genetics...

Half a pack is 9 seeds I assume?

Try the other 9 and see if they appear the same. If that is the case, ideally try another pack. After 2 packs I would start to consider this an indication of changes in the genetic profile. But that is an arbitrary number I just pulled out of my behind.
Just tryna say that 9 seeds could just mean you got a statistical anomaly of above average NL#5 leaning phenotypes.

Have not grown my Nevil's yet so can't speak from personal experience with that particular strain.

But I have dropped 30-50 beans of a MRN strain before and can tell you that sometimes the "expected" phenotypes showed up just once or twice in a group of 50 seeds while the phenotypes one expected to be rare showed up 10-12 times in the same 50 seeds. Happens with nature.


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Friends was same.. thought was seed mix up (still possible) but once put into flower, totally changed, looked pure haze.. you might find the same with yours...


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Could be a more Indica leaning pheno, however many Sativa's display broader leafs in the juvenile stage of growth. The plant pictured doesn't seem to have the stereotypical more rounded Afghan/indica leaf pattern. Give it a couple of weeks and see.


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Hi All

it is difficult to say anything until the plant is in flowering mode and into that 2 or 3 please add further photos if you wish to get advice....all the best sb