Neville’s Haze week 11


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May have to give it another chance at a very low dose and see how it is. Some of my favourite weed has been stuff that straight up trips me out, induces anxiety and paranoia if I smoke too much. However if I keep the dose small it’s all positive, happy, euphoric, uncontrollable goggles, music food and lights/ visuals all are improved. Might be worth a shot!


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Few years back I had bubllegum which was this type, oh head rush, heart beat = speed beat and I wanted to throw it away, yet I smoked one year old cured bud and it was something different... Something in cannabinoids setlled down? Or anything..

But it was top notch after that.


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She is powerful and unique; psychonaut, whitey stuff. Those initial puffs are wonderfully euphoric, she is so smooth and demure. A few more puffs and a few more minutes then the realization sets in. We are so used to the body stone of indica informing us. Nev's reminds me of acid sometimes. One thinks they will not get as high, then a tingle, then a door that opens to a different world. This is outside in nature smoke.
“She comes in colours everywhere
She combs her hair
She's like a rainbow…”
Try not to harvest her too early and six months cure will render an exquisite product.



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Don’t get me wrong it’s a fantastic strain. It’s just not one you could/should use daily. It has its time and place. Which also, is not while driving or being a passenger in a fast moving vehicle that is stopping and accelerating frequently…..imho.
I’m sure different harvesting/curing times will create different effects and flavours so I did keep my favourite pheno around for more experiments on unsuspecting victims :)