need some help with flowering C Skunk


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I'm using coco perlite 4:1 sensigrow\bloom,big bud,voodoo,sensizym and bud candy.

After 2 weeks from seed 12\12 took 2 weeks for all the FEMS to show,using sensibloom then at week 3 dropped bloom by 50% and added 100% big bud.

I'm at week 6 of 12\12 and some are just starting to stretch.

My medihaze went to 12\12 same time,but it vegged for 6 weeks,it stretch is done,stacking and swelling.

My question is why is medihaze so far ahead if c skunk when switched to 12\12 same day?
you answered your own question.
because some went to 12/12 from seed, while your medihaze got a 6 week veg first.

mature plants will usually trigger into flowering faster.
seedlings may want to grow quasi vegetatively first before really setting flowers.


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Makes sense.

I'm not sure how to feed for they started stacking but now are stretching and I'm at week 5 of sensibloom 3rd week of big bud.

Braches were not so staggering but with stretch they are now and now buds seem like they are in early flowering stage but its getting flowering leaves.


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They are also different strains (crosses) and the results will vary with genetics. But JH is right. In many places 6 weeks is effectively the entire spring and summer ;)


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Either I'm overfeeding or temps are too low at night.
I'm getting purple streaks in stalks and some are half purple,side towards fan.
I use two 10 in fans,one below lowest branches,other across buds,plus I use a ac unit and it does bring in fresh air 24\7.
So my temps at night fall to 62-65 degrees.

Yes,many pheno types.Some probably need to be discarded, while some are outstanding and plant is one big bud.

I'm surprised on how small of container I used and still no sign of rootbound.