My plan to make Stash of ASH


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So litlle update on taste and high at 5-6 week cure..

First toke, and basically every toke is very smooth
On inhale you feel citrus flavours, like if you drink lemon juice, very powerfull - if one said to me Iam smoking orange bud, I would tell yes, it is definetly orange.
Then the taste dissapears, on exhale you feel nothing, maybe some spices.
But overall the taste is evidently curing still, so gonna update on that !
For me the flavours are best.

About the effect :)
Yesterday after last toke, I immediattely fell trippy for a while !! yes the whole world shaked.
As it settled, good mood arrived and the feeling was great..
The effect of Need to do something is also evident :)
So there is this possitive upshift, day smoke for sure.
I feel it will not gonna get me to sleep :)
I can imagine the nature activities, sports, or electronic music party :D

So, in summarry, the ASH jumps right next to Skunk Haze, I think theese two plants share the place for best strain for me now...


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I feel it is time to up some details..

The smoke is absolutely fantastic"!
I have hard time to guess which one I fell in love with, If it is Skunk Haze or if it is ASH, I love em both..

Litlle comparison between MNS SH & MNS ASH

- About the effect I have to prefer Skunk Haze, cause of jigly mood with it, such terapeutic beauty.
The ASH on the other hand has positive wibes in it, in small dose it does affect the creativity, you really want to do something, not just stand and stare :D If you smoke more, you definitely need to go dance or make some activities, it will not give you the siting-time mood, that is very good indeed. :)

- The flavours are on par between the two, just ever so sligthly better with ASH.
My Skunk Haze was more subtle, like ideal blend of all tastes, really good actually, you still want more.
ASH is full of tropical-haze flavours -> If you are searching for fruits in smoke, then this is it..
Interesting thing with the ASH is, on inhale you feel the presence of some citrus fruit juice, but just on inhale. <- will see what even longer cure get done.

- The smells of SH are more of peppery compared to ASH <- which is the ultimate Ruler of all smells.
ASH has really enjoy-able apricot smells throughout the grow period, then transforming to slight afghanish smells, and finally when budding, it is finishing to like tropic storm (mango comes on mind) and all theese smells are easily managable, I think this was pheno where I could have just unplugged the carbon scrubber and no one would notice something :) !!

I think ASH deserves more photos, I actually made theme suitable for this bud, it have the characteristics of the plant, from my feeling.
Enjoy my litlle show 8)
Would have liked to do more, but you know what I am on right now, my personal problems :(

Will be here still, and when the time is right I will come up with some projects again :)


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