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Hi all

This is may first MNS grow. To be honest, in 2008-09 I bought a pack of black widow but no seeds germinate(are things that happen in nature,unfortunately:()

Is a life that I wanted to try the products of MNS but not being able to spend 140 euro for a pack of seeds I have always postponed.
So, after long time, I finally got to buy a pack of SSH from seedsman, by means of a growshop( and also j.herrer from sensiseeds; and Kaboom from Tgasubcool). I will speak only of the SSH.
The seeds were very expensive, i hope well.

Growbox:1,5x1,5x2,0. I use only 1x1!
Lights: -4 Neon 18 watts, for the first days
-1 CFL 200 watts for the start of vegetative phase
-1 Grolux or agro 400 watts for the vegetative stage and flowering
Soil: LightMix(biobizz)
Soil conditioners: wormhumus; guanokalong; biosupermix(plagron)
Sizepots: 0,3 liters; 1 liters; 5 or 10 liters

12/10/15 I have sown 13 seeds in pots of 0,3 liters.
After about 5 days they all sprouted.100% wow!!
The first 10 days have been under neon lamps from 18 watts.

as soon as possible I will insert a few pictures.
Meanwhile, I greet you and I wish you great flowerings:D

keep it green

your english is very good!, i also find mrnice seeds very expensive, but there is walkabout and dreamtime to consider also mrnice auctions,

maybe you could let a male pollinate for the first run and have alot of f2 SSH seeds to play with later ?

10l is i think too much soil for sativa dominant plants in a tent.

i have a .75 x 1.5m tent and 3l pots, plants can get too big (with training) also with sativas especially you want not much nitrogen around flowering.

apologies if you know these things already, i do not mean to be patronising.

best of luck with the grow!


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thanks for the reply and for the advice;) ...I did not think about it, but I don't think that I will take the male pollen for several reasons:
-Is something that I never did
-it take much time, effort
-it take large spaces
-it needs many plants
-In f2 generation you have a high variability, and in this moment I don't want this.
Anyway thanks..I will keep this in mind for the future:D
What I will do(if I'm lucky) is find a good mother(also 2 or 3) from which I shall be able cut clones.

Yes Master..I know that the pot of 10 liters is too big for a sativa plant(generally)..
I did so:
I kept the plants in pots from 1-2 liters for the whole vegetative stage(20 days) and for the first weeks of bloom(3-4weeks) so as to contain the stretching(I made this with the hope to contain the excessive growth of this kind of plants).
When the plants have slowed stretching I transplanted them.
I transplanted smaller plants in pots of 10 liters and larger plants in pots of 5 liters.

Now is the 27th day of flowering and the plants are high, on average, 85-90 cm.
I hope I have done well...
the forum says I can not upload photos...just can I will do!!

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Ssh hermie?

Hi grower and thanks:)

Excuse the absence but I have been few days without internet...
I have bad news; Now I am hating yhe mr nice seedbank:mad: (maybe not his fault; I don't know)..
Before telling the bad news I have to do a summary of what happened up to now..

I wanted to post some pictures but I can not the forum is giving me problems...fuckoff!!!ok .. I do the summary the next time..I wanted to show you some pictures..

the bad news is that some plants female ssh produced male flowers ..
This happened to the second-third week of soon as I realized this, I immediately removed the plant.

after a few days also 2 other plants have produced male flowers..I have not brought down these two plants but I tried to eliminate single ones male flowers..after this I have not seen the male flowers..
Now ... after 37 days of flowering I saw that there are seeds in the female flowers..
it seems that those plants have pollinated other plants of ssh but also jack herer and kaboom..what I do?


I AM pissed,DISAPPOINTED,embittered..

How is it possible??NOT EVEN WITH SEEDS FEMALE from the worst seedbank is NEVER HAPPENED..

I feel really bad

As soon as the site allows me to upload some photos I will make a summary of the situation..

were years that I wanted to try the genetic shanti ... but fuckoff:mad::mad::mad::mad::

as you change the title of the thread???


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I understand your frustration,but are you sure that your plants are hermies?Did you stress them with transplanting,If so why did you wait for transplanting in flowering stage?
Do you have an light leak of light,is your light new or old?
I had many grows with MNS genetics and so far no one did turend out to be an hermie,so far I hadnt see them.
Chill an relax.

And Im sure that someone can come in and give 2 cents to.


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thanks for the reply Tao..

Well this is my second run with a sativa and I am not very exper ...but the first time I didn't have any problem(I have cultivated 'fuma con dios' from flyingdutchmen)and the plants had been very under stress..

I have transplanted in the flowering stage because I wanted to contain the strong growth of this plants...
I don't think that the plants are hermie but they came out some flowers(few) male from female plants 100%.

perhaps the plants have been stressed in the vegetative phase(I do not have infiltration of light ... the grow box is inside a room dedicated to it)..

-too much time in the same pot
-high umidity
-in the first stage too many plants in a small space
-a week, I had irrigate a lot and the soil is remained wet for a long time(10 days)

said this I think that a good and stable genetic should resist these situations...especially if it costs an arm and a head...

perhaps the pictures speak better
I still can not upload photos ... I do not understand

if I can't fix the problem I will try to load the photos on my profile

thank all


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since I do not know how to express well in English, I want to clarify that it is my second round with a sativa but however are many years (10 and over) that I cultivate cannabis indica or mainly indica..thus I know the basic rules..but I didn't believe they were so sensitive(always if I made a mistake)
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Guys how many answers!!! Too many!!

If you keep it up I will not be able to answer all :D

of course I'm kidding:)


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I know it's difficult to judge without seeing a picture but I can not upload here ..

If you want you can look in my profile..there I managed to upload photos..

Just I can..I will continue to update the album of photos

however, the growth proceeds, I decided to remain calm and continue. Let's see what happens at the end..It is a situation where I had never least it will serve as experience..

I would like that someone with more experience than me with this plant give me his opinion..above all I want to know how the cuts will behave ...
the cuts of hermie plants..are they hermie??
if hermaphroditism is given by genetics also the clones are hermaphrodites but if it is given by the environmental conditions, the clones may be good..right??
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