my 2020 outdoor season


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the rest of the season look very bad a lot of dammage with the wind to day will cut some plant early
to much humidity

the angel heart was couch and early queen branch are broken

i will look tomorrow


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i am lucky i have move all the plants this morning

this afternoon we had very heavy hail

the mango haze is in the greenhouse the bloom just start

for the mns strain i do this years i am very surprised by the angel heart finish in some days with a big yiel a amazing smell and very sticky
the critical widow look great too

the pics are coming

i will finish the rinsing in the attic


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Glad to hear only minimal damage
Best of luck with finishing
To the victors go the spoils
Looking forward to the pics
Which is Spicy Bitch?
it's from exotic seeds

the first one should be the queen mother phenotype

i got another female totaly different more sativa with a citric smell maybe ak47 phenotype

i will cut it this afternoon


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Strange indeed. Cant see the pics either. Appears link is unsecured for some reason