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MW question: single cola growing


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Peace yall

Question. I usually top my MW which can be seen in the new monthly contest but now Im running out of time with my legal licence, so Given that height issues were not a problem in a 3 1/2 grow highth space under a 600 hps. Im thinking to forget the cropping and just go with it in smaller containers (6 inch). Good idea or not pertaining to overgrowing my space. I may pinch it at 5 nodes but thats it. what do you think?



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Find that single cola Girl MW.

Hi there royalgrade,:) If you go through a pack of MW, you should be able to find the Single Cola that is in the mix.

I found this amazing pheno first starting out with MW and have found 5 different phenos and the Single Cola was the most memorable pheno experienced with MW but was bitter tasting and Mold attacked half the plant overnight I couldn't stop and totally engulfed.

If you find this pheno, you will be very happy other than that MW is a multi branched plant and flowering in smaller contaniners would be no different than larger containers, just prune accordingly and you should be able to without much of a problem.

Find the single cola MW and your figuring will be solved.

6inch containers will definately keep plants small but yield will be an issue, but if you put 6 in there of 12 WOW it could be huge with a 6 inch.

Sorry for not answering this in your format.

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