Musashi plays with fire- CBD MediHaze


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Aloha fellow firewalkers!
Unrelenting rains and budworm (Heliothis virescens?), necessitate an early outdoor harvest. These little troublemakers were forgiving on the Mango Haze IBL as well as the MediHaze and ACDC/Ortega. They seemed to like the NL5/Afghan better due to their big, juicy buds lol. I lost some buds but thankfully I caught it in time. Last season, it was the Black Widow they were very fond of.
The indoor harvest consisted of Mango Haze, MediHaze, NL5/Afghan, G13/AfSk, ACDC/Ortega. These all turned out well but not before a spider mite attack on the fragrant NL5/Afghans. Is it okay to say bastards here? I did catch them early enough in flower though.
The decks are cleared now and decisions need to be made. A lot of hubbub about The Doors has got me buzzin’ but I sure miss my Nevil's Mango Haze. I do need medicine too. The CBD versions have not arrived yet and time is of the essence, so it will probably be Ortega. I was originally thinking Critical Mass but fear that the Doors will need as much space as possible, not to mention higher humidity so Ortega makes better sense. Okay, stop yakkin’ and get those seeds in the ground!

CBD MediHaze

Heliothis virescens? Common name "poco bastardo"

Snip, snip- The bastard!

budworm5 damage.jpg
Budworm damage



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Hi Musashi,

let em have it, invaders ))

Will you make a show, with ortega? I am still in, what strain of indica to choose,.
Maybe this could help me.

As Iam not sure, if to go with Ortega, Nl5A, Nordle or ASH maybe..

Now your grow of NL5A was very nice, and actually make my dreams, but still there is that ortega.. Hmm I just cant pick :D

I search for indica strain nice in flavours, not oversmelling, and not so much couchlock.