Mr. Nice "The Cure" started by the Danklabs Crew

Hey everyone, been real busy lately and just wanted to do a quick update. I put 5 seeds into 2" Grodan rockwool cubes. On cutting tray with dome and heat mat set at 78 degrees F.

Mr. Nice The Cure!

They're the ones in the back row, in the front is Cheese x Space Queen(TGA)

Best regards!

Danklabs Crew
Mr. Nice The Cure Sprouted!

Hey everyone, so far 4/5 seeds have sprouted! These will be going into 3" rockwool cubes tomorrow.

Mr. Nice The Cure(rear row)

The front row is the Cheese x Space Queen(TGA)

Best regards!

Danklabs Crew
Mr. Nice The Cure pics update

Hey everyone, some pics. My B seedling hatched a few days ago, longer than a week from the other 4!

Mr. Nice The Cure B

Mr. Nice The Cure C

Mr. Nice The Cure D

Mr. Nice The Cure E

Danklab has the A seedling, I gave him 1 seedling of Neville's Haze and 1 of his Doors seedlings to flower straight from seedling to see how they grow. The rest will be for mothers and fathers.

Best regards!

Danklabs Crew


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Keep em coming R'azos!

This is one I've been waiting to see a great growlog on! Thanks!

PS - Be careful with those Cheese x Space Queen (It's actually Cheese x Space Queer x C99 [some random c99 male not selected by Sub])


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they look great ... Shanti tells me to expect great things from thebHaze AC male that fathers "the cure"

I'm excited for you ... you should be too! Apparantly most of what Haze AC touches turns to gold!
Have you seen them?
i want to see the girls.
ive seen a couple stones, and im trying to decide if i want to start the cure or something else, since it may not be a huge difference from the stones.