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Mr Nice Seed Stashers - F1 Cross Thread


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My dream cross is Taika707 x (G13Hz ibl x NL5Hz) = T.M.

Mr Nice seeds are amazing breeding parents,
Their genetics are so well selected.
The vigor and quality they add to the crosses is unbelievable.

Amnesia(Ibl) x ( SuperLemonHaze x Original 51) = Taika Haze
HeadBand 707 x Taika Haze = Taika707

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I just saw this site last night! There are a couple of links to this forum on there! Mentions MNS, Seedsman & Sensi. Who owns the site?

Its a Nevil fan mystery. A Sensi Seeds phishing site?

One word of caution about going to that site: DuckDuckGo blocked a Facebook tracker from the web site.

Who runs it is a mystery. On the web page they have this information about it. The "Self-Hemployed" link is a dead end (says the page is being revamped).

Who Made This Site?
Since you asked, the Nevilles Haze website is brought to you by Self-Hemployed and is a licensed reseller under the affliate conditions of SeedsMan and Sensi Seeds.

The copyrite at the bottom of the page is just a loop to the page itself: © 2011 - 2022 | NevillesHaze.com. An Ode To 'The King Of Cannabis'.

At the bottom of the site they have links to these other Sensi Seeds: Skunk, Cali-O, Shiva Shanti, Jack Flash, Silver Haze, Four Way, Mother's Finest, and Big Bud.
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I wonder who set it up, they don't seem to know how to spell his name properly 🙄

That is what I thought at first, but.... here on MrN, that is the way that Shanti has it spelled. For whatever reason.

MrN seeds: Neville's Haze, Neville's Haze Skunk,Neville's Haze Mango :

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