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Mr. Nice Annual Grower Awards


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Aloha boys and girls!

I got an okay with Shanti to have some fun! Who deserves a nod for the great work they are doing on this site? Who's grows are you most impressed with. Who has been helpful to you or contributed to the site in a good way? You get where I am going with this right? For at least a month or two it would be great to acknowledge the cool cats that make up this site. The rules: 1) Has to be a member, and 2) Has to have contributed, a) knowledge, b) helped others, c) something positive and 3) Has journaled an MNS grow. Anything else you would consider worthy of acknowledgement? The prize will be a packet of seeds and a T-Shirt or something of equal value. Oh yeah, employees and staff members are ineligible. Still trying to sort out the details but there it is in big strokes. Send me a PM to vote. All votes for that week will then tabulated and an announcement made re: the winner for that week. Positive vibrations to all.



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Great initiative @musashi ! Will pm you my top 3 after this post.
I've only been active on the forum since beginning of this year and - as stated in other posts as well - it's an amazing place to be. My growing skills have drastically improved by learning from all of you, so many tips and tricks are shared on the forum or in pm's. Thanks everyone!

I've been going through some older threads when looking for information and it's clear that the vibes are a bit more positive right now than how they used to be years ago. Nothing bad about the members back then, it's just a personal observation.


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Great initiative @musashi it's clear that the vibes are a bit more positive right now than how they used to be years ago. Nothing bad about the members back then, it's just a personal observation.

That's called the Musashi effect.

There was a number of wankers that needed to give their balls a tug. Musashi was made a mod and cleared the infestation to make room for growers and actual productive conversations.

It's definitely been turned around for the better.


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Awesome initiative, but each week? That is 52 times per year while our plants may become older then 6 months before we get the first results.
Given the conditions you present I would do it once a month. However, that are less prices for us so each week is fine by me lol


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Aloha everyone!

Fun, fun, fun! Now I spoke with Shanti the other day and he thinks my idea is a great idea. I was thinking a t-shirt or equivalent would be sufficient to acknowledge you MNS hall of fa(r)mers but Shanti wanted to express a larger gesture of appreciation towards members; something about teaching a man to fish lol. Gotta say, it’s been a real honor working with a man of such high integrity and generosity. So, okay, t-shirt and one pack of seeds from MNS or CBD Crew it is. So winners- PM me with your selections, t-shirt size and your address where to send it to. And keep those votes coming for other deserving members!

Now this first winner is not new here, he’s been around the forum since 2012. Growing for 45 years, he’s seen the ups and downs of this industry as well as the past nastiness on this site. Yet, he’s been more about growing than talking shit. He recently has been dominating the airwaves lately with his hemp grow as well as his showcasing of other MNS seeds and plants in the past.

Comments by members:
“Amazing garden”
“It takes a whole lotta love”
“Very impressive”
“I guess everything is bigger in Texas?”
“Such an impressive grow”
“Grow looks fantastic”
And finally, “But apparently slabs got balls the size of grapefruits”

I think we can all concur, slabsofdank deserves to be in the MNS Hall of Fame. Congratulations!