Monster NHS 2 phenos


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Hey All,

I have 2 great NHS phenos, popped 4 beans got to females. The first is a huge super vigorous Haze dom pine lemon smelling pheno. Foot long colas that look like they will finish at about 9 weeks! Nice for a haze dom plant : )

The second pheno is either NL or Skunk dom, if I had an educated guess its nore NL although I have never run it, Shorter than the haze pheno with extremely tight buds harldy any leaves on the colas and hairs upon hairs with an almost mango lime smell to her, she is so dense I have her tie her up string all over the place my room looks like a puppet show ha ha

No pics now I will snap some later today, Thanks for these brilliant hybrids Shanti I cant wait to twist a few up. The haze dom may even be a contender at the Nmbin Mardi Grass stay tuned,,