MNS's most underrated strain


Hi All,

Something I have not seen mentioned was NHS...Smelled like rotted meat, and piss. I had to make seed at the time as I thought I would never be able to buy again, or get any. <<<Yeah I am paranoid a lil...I had 4 NHS, and 2 MW. I sent seed from that to the west coast, and over seas. Both reported some smelly girls, and a very bubblegum smelling plant. Two diff people two diff styles of groing.

I'd look in these two. Plus I love the Doors...Ns
That fact that you mention rotted meat ,make me want to ask you if you thought passed that, and thought about where/what strain the smel comes from.

Also i have smelled both cat piss and rotted meat in nevs haze.
But on my most inbred strains long cures they all seem to get cat pissy,But I have also smelled the rotted meat in a very very pink colored What i would call a skunk afghan.

What other strains have you smelt rotted meat and cat piss from? and where do you think it is coming from>