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MNS USA- The Benefits of Mushrooms


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I was in ceremony several weeks before the actual taking of ayahuasca occurred. Ayahuasca is actually two ingredients mixed together to activate DMT. I had set an intention around healing my Crohn's disease. Diet had to be adjusted in consideration of MAOI's beforehand.
Premonitions and visions. I kept seeing spiders at the corners of my vision. At times I would jump from fright thinking a big wolf spider was next to me only to realize nothing was there. I spent time looking at the webs in my bushes trying to understand why I was seeing these visions and why I was so fearful. When I arrived at the location, the building had a "spider in a web" logo on the building. Weird. Though they are totems for me now.
These "indigenous" ceremonies are usually performed at night. This is the time of the feminine. I was in a dark room when small cups were handed out to everyone. It was up to you to decide how much you wanted to drink. A dark, very bitter concoction of alkaloids similar in taste to peyote only more bitter. Everyone had a bucket and after awhile the room was filled with noises of vomiting. Though everyone was assigned an angel, a helper, it made me very uncomfortable. I didn't want to have to do that.
It took 30 minutes of anxiety in the darkness before I saw it. Was is a cubed borg? No, it started revealing a more intricate shape. A slender slit of emerald green light, octahedron in shape, pulsating. I could see it but wasn't sure whether my eyes were open or closed in the dark. A door opened in the center of this shape. All of a sudden I was drawn through it. Stillness. Shimmering. A figure walking toward me. Brilliant colors, it was the Mother. "I can't heal you but I can show you how to heal yourself", she said. She led me through my intestinal tract and somehow I felt an understanding. These aiya journeys typically last 6-8 hours. Unfortunately, the mixture was strong and 10 hours later the room was still sideways. Many ended up staying the night unable to drive. Over the months of integration after the experience, I went into remission from my Crohn's. That was 16 years ago. I'm a believer in this medicine.
Smoking DMT is not the same thing. It is a bastardization of a sacred ceremony whose only focus is getting intensely high for a brief moment. Merely smoking, often one is not enlightened through this experience bc there is no time to go deeply into the work. As to the regular ceremony, ayahuasca is very powerful and should not be done alone. As a man who has eaten sheets of LSD, I can tell you that it is stronger in many ways.
I am old school and believe in respecting tradition and spiritual ceremony. I have nothing to say of benefit to the ones who look at these experiences as just an opportunity to get fkd up. Such a wasted opportunity to utilize the medicine in a good and healing way. Disrespecting the gift- I have no sympathy for the ones who go through 8 hours of hell bc they had the wrong intentions and did not prepare by taking this medicine’s power seriously.


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While not an Ayahuasca ceremony, on my first trip on mushrooms i also felt a presence of fear related to what some would call a spirit animal. But after a while i felt no fear anymore when i realized the spirit animal taking shape was not there to threaten me, but rather to protect me. I guess it was the ego eater. Eating the false ego, digesting it into purified energy so i do not get stuck in a swamp of destructive ways.
As you can guess the animal i talk about was a Crocodile.
The fear actually stemmed from the polluted ego personality, a big issue in our civilized society. I experienced many things on this trip, i find the word trip actually very fitting as your perception travels. Different layers of dimensions have been revealed and words to describe it actually do not exist. I tried without success while experiencing it as i was amazed about these insights..
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I highly recommend mushrooms for sufferers of migraines. I cured my near-constant cluster headaches with psilocybin like 9 years ago and they stay away with a weekly dose of 1g. I'm a big guy so I don't feel any psychedelic effects from that amount. I know it is still working because if I miss several doses the headaches start to return.


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I highly recommend mushrooms for sufferers of migraines. I cured my near-constant cluster headaches with psilocybin like 9 years ago and they stay away with a weekly dose of 1g. I'm a big guy so I don't feel any psychedelic effects from that amount. I know it is still working because if I miss several doses the headaches start to return.
A good friend of mine does this also.
He suffers from cluster headaches and eats about 2 times a year a big dose of shrooms or truffles.
When is start to come up its time for him to medicate.
He has this now under control and does this for over 20 years now.

This works.


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Psychedelics heal special ops vets’ brains

Navy SEALs. Army Green Berets. These “special ops” troops are seen as unstoppable forces of nature.
That is, until the intense trauma of military service runs them ragged, and they become shells of their former selves. Enough blows to the skull will do that to ya.
But this week, a new study showed that the damage may be reversible with a potent psychedelic combo. Ohio State researchers found that special ops vets who took ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT saw marked improvements in PTSD symptoms.
That much was expected. But what surprised even the scientists? The psychedelic therapy also improved their cognition, which had been impaired from repeated traumatic brain injury (TBI).
The 86 veterans who participated in the open-label study saw improvements in 3 main areas.
  • ❤️‍🩹 Mental health: They reported reduced depression, anxiety, insomnia, and anger. They also noted a greater satisfaction with life.
  • 🧠 Cognitive functioning: They saw improvements in post-concussive symptoms and disability.
  • 💪 Psychological flexibility: They developed the capacity to act in alignment with their values, regardless of internal or external experiences.
Since these outcomes were self-reported, it’s worth mentioning they weren’t tripping when they filled out the survey. The benefits were sustained for up to 6 months after the fact.
That doesn’t mean there weren’t downsides, though. 17% of the vets called the back-to-back psychedelic journeys the most difficult experience of their life.
And that’s saying something for a group that considers “drownproofing” on 4 hours of sleep a sane and normal part of training.
How’s that for ego death? ☠️


👁️ Opening the mind’s eye: Case reports suggest psychedelics might reverse aphantasia, or the inability to visualize images in your head.
👃 A new standard of care: In a head-to-head study, esketamine (Spravato) beat out quetiapine (Seroquel) in relieving treatment-resistant depression.
👽 That wasn’t a Listerine strip: atai Life Sciences has wrapped its Phase 1 study of VLS-01, an oral transmucosal film formulation of DMT.
👯 It takes two to tango: Sunstone Therapies is studying the effectiveness of MDMA-assisted therapy in “dyads” (or pairs) of cancer patients and their significant others.
🤨 Put on your tinfoil hats: Research confirms a link between psychedelic use and non-conformist thinking, including a tendency to believe conspiracy theories.
📣 Your voice matters: UMich is collecting anonymous survey responses to help shape the future of psychedelic research and policy.


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The importance of Ergothioneine

"Ergothioneine was the metabolite most significantly associated with lower morbidity and mortality, being associated with a lower risk of CAD [coronary artery disease], stroke, death of all causes, and death of cardiovascular causes."

Behind pay wall so here is another site with article:



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"As MDMA and psilocybin continue to move through the FDA drug development process, this systematic review offers a compilation of existing research on psychiatric drug-drug interactions with MDMA or psilocybin."

Of interest:
"Psilocybin and psilocin lack clinically significant inhibitor activity at monoamine reuptake pumps, such as SERT or VMAT-2, thus do not result in substantially increased intrasynaptic serotonin (Rickli et al. 2016). Due to minimal intrasynaptic serotonin release, psilocybin’s mechanism of action is unlikely, even in high doses, to result in serotonin toxicity (Malcolm and Thomas 2021)."