Mns strains and smells to expect


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I believe @MImedpatient was probably talking about his NL5xAfghan grow. I know he was pretty jazzed with what he found. And that s*t will put you done. Have you tried Shit, MKS, MKaze yet? Some stinky stuff to be found.

Thx Mu ! I have not tried them yet. So many strains..So many more pheno expressions ! I've read good things can be found with Devil also... Everything is so close but different enough....🤘🔥


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Anyone have more input in the smells to expect in various strains?

my Super Silver Haze are very early in to flower but I have one that has smelled quite pungent / cat pissy since veg. I need to learn more smells before I can accurately describe the others but my others are all quite similar to one another (but completely different from the cat piss one)!


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I find a collection of essential oils, besides an enhancement to your topicals, can provide a standard for comparing smells. I don't have skunk essence in the collection but we all know what that smells like lol.
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off topic but icymi myrrh is great for laundry, especially linens. A few drops on a facecloth et voila!
might not help the static cling but you will never have a better smelling bed! :)