MNS Medicine Man and Shark Shock grow


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It's my first grow indoors for 20 years so am new to Cyco. So far so good and it's nice to see someone else using it here. I had the diesel and rhino outdoors last year but pulled them due to extreme odours so they were my first choice for the tent when I set it up. White Rhino for me was one of the stand out strains of the nineties but haven't tried Diesel yet. The smell impressed me a lot.
The Ortega is impressing the hell out of me. First mns grow and at 4 weeks the strongest healthiest plants I've grown since getting back into growing 5 years back. I think I'm hooked 🤔
Good stuff mate! If you have any issues, just hit me up, I'm pretty familiar with the Cyco line.
So good to hear about the Ortega too, mine will be getting soaked in a few weeks time when this run is done!
Even better to hear about the Rhino and Diesel. The two med man I have in my greenhouse you can smell across my whole backyard 🤣