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Mmm yes that is odd...
My apologies If I came across wrong. Ive had a few strange things happen during auctions before too


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sorry posted this in another thread.
I did the western union bank transfer. Who or where do I send the info to. P.m. shanti. and J. no reply. Can you help thanks.


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Erb on the auction site in the left hand column it lists all the methods of payment that are available to you, this includes western union transfer. I suggest you click on this item and read the instructions, it clearly lays out all of the steps that you need to take in order for your payment to be accepted and your items to be will save you alot of questions. After you have followed these instructions I urge you to be patient and you will receive your items in 2 to 4 weeks...


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the money is already in there bank from a western union transferr. I read it. last 4-5 years I just send cash I just thought that would be faster. Sorry didn't understand that's why I'm asking here.
Is Simone still around. Haven't tried her yet.
Thanks for the help or suggestions.


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Cash does seem to be the best way. Though I did see one person get robbed by customs and sent his letter back without the money. But with a little security they ain't going to look twice at the letter. But I never used registered mail seems like it would draw more attention.

J Auction Manager

Auction Manager
Starting price (minimum bid) increase

Hi all,

Postage costs have increased yet again. Thus we have changed the starting price of the auctions from € 10, - to € 11,- Hopefully, it will be the last time the starting price will increase, sorry for any inconvenience.

Furthermore, to re-communicate: All wins are included shipping and handling costs, if and only if;

1) You have won a minimum of 3 auctions wins with a max of 8 auctions
2) Or you have spent above € 50- in total of your auction wins.

To sum up, all single auction wins or auctions wins under € 50- exclude shipping and handling costs. Therefore, if you wish to receive a single auction win or the total amount is under € 50-, you will have to add € 11,- for registered mail or € 8,- for standard mail.

Moreover, If you order through our Direct Order Supply “Buy Now’s”, we can bundle your
auctions winnings together which will result in no extra shipping costs.

Kind Regards,

J Auction Manager

Auction Manager
Mr Nice Auctions office will be closed shortly for the summer (13/08/17 - 29/08/17)

Dear All,

The end of summer holidays is coming up and we would like to give notice of our holiday dates as the Mr Nice office will be closed during this time.

Holiday time:

Mr Nice Auctions office will be closed from 13 August 2017 until 29 August 2017.

So please be patient as emails will not be checked on a regular basis but when possible we will give attention to urgent mails. Other mails will be answered as soon as we are back on the 29th.

Futhermore, pending bank payments made before 12 august, which include templates will still be send out!

Any payments, bank or cash received after 13 august 2017, will be posted only after 29 august 2017 and you will be notified once we have received your payment!

Another great announcement is that Mr Nice Seedbank is offering now a limited

Summer Hampers Selection of Strains this August 2017.

J, the auction manager will make the announcement of the newly uploads of the Summer Hampers soon, so stay tuned.

If any of you auction members have any ideas what should be preferable inside a Summer Hamper, please let us know, we appreciate your feedback!


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"If any of you auction members have any ideas what should be preferable inside a Summer Hamper, please let us know, we appreciate your feedback!"

why not some pack like :
skunk pack
widow pack
haze pack
indica pack
sativa pack
afghan pack
rock'nroll pack
outdoor pack
indoor pack
greenhouse pack....
and why do you not propose some tee-shirt of mns
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If any of you auction members have any ideas what should be preferable inside a Summer Hamper, please let us know, we appreciate your feedback!

How about a pack with
- MNS sarong
- Growerz, the card game
- collection of afghan haze crosses



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How about a CBD pack?

And I would much prefer a t shirt to the sarong or the card game.
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Couple of questions. I've only been watching the auctions for over a week and a half now, but I noticed there's a distinction between the "buy now" and the "buy now only" options. It appears I am still able to bid on the "buy now" items (am I? haven't tried yet). Does this mean they're just regular auction items with an added buy now option? Is there a specific reserve that needs to be met for these items (and if so, higher than the usual 11 for shipping)? This is not exactly made clear in the help column. I don't think I've seen bids yet on these, just the regular auctions. It's literally all "buy now" and "buy now only" items bar 5 or so regular auctions, so not a lot of choice if you want to grab a couple of strains below the retail price.

I'm also not completely sure on what the feedback button is supposed to do for me and when I should use it. The only mention of it in this thread was in post #214, noone had an answer really. Don't tell me well duh. ;) Does the feedback go to sales, uploads, helpdesk, shanti? Why should I use the feedback, to cancel my bids, give feedback on any problems there were with the order? Again, not entirely sure on what it's purpose is.

By the way, this topic is huge, it's hard to find uptodate information when the latest new ones keep being posted at the end of the topic. Sometimes pages move fast and you have to go through several of them to find who to contact or what's new regarding payments or whatever. Can't you guys edit the first or second post with changes if there are any, would be convenient, especially for the newer members who don't want to wade through a whole topic, I kinda did. :p

J Auction Manager

Auction Manager
New releases, Shark Haze & Master Kush Skunk x Widow

Dear all,

I want to invite you all for the chance to win/bid on 2 new strains that just came out and are up for auction, i.e. Shark Haze & Master Kush Skunk x Widow. See below for strain description;

Master Kush Skunk x Widow

This strain brings two predominantly strong THC strains together and manifests excellent self-supporting type of plants. It needs selection but there are diamonds in this rough! Master Kush Skunk x Widow will take between 7 to 9 weeks flowering time

Shark Haze

A practical hybrid that has been used within the MNS organization a lot, but to date unreleased as part of the Rock n Roll series. The possibility of finding a fast-finishing Haze plant is high and the flavors will delight the grower. Very possible that a real keeper exists in Shark Haze making it a very practical Haze hybrid for the indoor grower Shark Haze will take between 7 to 9 weeks flowering time

Cleaning packet

In regards to the contents of these packets, these are auction listed as summer cleaning seeds. Therefore, it should be noted that these seeds are rejected for standard seed packets but are still viable for germination. Thus, they are auctioned in 1 gram lots (which is approximately 60 to 70 seeds).

Should any of these be of interest to you, please click on the link, which will bring you directly to the auction site!!

Moreover, the starting price will start 11 EUR, there are 2 of each strain and they will end on Thursday (19/10/12) in the following time zone, PST (11pm)

Let me know if you need any more information regarding this matter

Only the kindest regards,

Auction & Socials Manager
Mr Nice SeedBank & Research