MKS first F2 attempt.....

Tom bolenate

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Hi guys,

This grow log come to the end.
Mk1 had the chop this morning @9 weeks 12/12.

Will yield much better than mk2 (only 45g dried).

General shape picture above.
Can you see how this plant hold her weight like a champ?
No stalks or any kind of support were used....I estimate a yield of at least 3 Oz.

Top bud larges leaves are a bit dry.... I tend to be a bit paranoid
about botrytis when I grow indicas so I let the substrate dry out completely between 2 watering in the flushing phase.

A top bud shot picture.

Average resin cover but beauty full reddish purple hues.

Smells beautyfull.... Piny Hindu kush all the way with roasted coffee undertones..... Exactly what I love for indicas (not fan of the berry smelling stuff but that's just me).

Will come back with the exact figures when dry.
And a proper smoke report will follow when cured.

But I can already tell you one thing: this strain rocks!
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The colours are amazing..
This is what I stupidly love on this plant..

Seriously nice vibrant hues is what gets me amazed :)

Tom bolenate

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Hey Tom!

Glad you have some good smoke. We keep on keepin’ on don’t we? What ya got cooking these days? More of the same or?

Hi Musashi!

During the lock down I've learn to make vegetables samosa... Not hard to do once you've understood the folding technique but a lot of manipulations needed.... So it takes time.... My kids love it and my 2 hours work is eaten within a few minutes.

In my secret laboratory I'm growing a few "the stones" plants, and will try to make F2 to unlock haze A genes if I find a good male.

I have also a panaeolus tropicalis grow on the way (is it OK to speak of mushrooms here?).... And I tryed to germinate a few lophophora williamsii seeds... Seems to germinate.... So see you in 20 years for the final grow report on theses onces

OH and I also success in grafting some "rose de Bern" tomatoes plants on wild tomatoes root system....

I really love botanic.... I don't focus on cannabis only....

@PCi3: thanks for the nice words..... Wish you great success on your current grow.... Skunk haze is a very interesting and underrated plant to grow.... Will give it a try one day and your grow will give me valuables inputs for sure.....

Tom bolenate

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Hi there,

Final weight of MK2: 93g dry and well cleaned.
So a bit over 3oz....early sampling is very promising.

Have also around 800 F2 seeds from the terrasse experiment to play with....need a small field to sow them.


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Nice job!
Such a great line, sounds like you'll be a busy man with 800 seeds to search through.
Enjoy ;)