MKaze. The best Indica ? Credit where it is due.

The Grey Man

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This is a MasterKush/Skunk in the greenhouse in the UK. It's not MKaze but it is related and the photos are great!

It shows that good kush can be grown perfectly naturally in the UK, without the need for an indoor setup. It also shows how good the MasterKush/Skuhnk plant is in the greenhouse!

The greenhouse ISN'T heated or anything like that. I didn't use any auto-darkening. It just shows the power of choosing the right plant when growing outdoor/greenhouse.
If I can do this in the cold/wet UK - imagine how good YOU can grow Shanti's stuff where you are...(Cali? Spain? Australia? Italy?)

(I suppose it also shows that I wasn't just making this stuff up!)
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Agreed with Grey Man on props to the MasterKaze as a great overall indica. I grew out to packs of the MK one indoors the other outdoors in the Mendocino hills. Great overall effect, and yield. One of the outdoor ones yielded over 6.5lbs, best in the garden that yr beating both Critical mass and Critical Haze.
Your post got my mouth watering and looking if I have anymore of these beans put away.
I'm a bit of a haze nut myself and haven't popped any indica seeds in awhile I think it's time.


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Thanks for posting that link Grey Man, I have looked at a lot of the MKS threads in the strain base. I started some seed of MKS and they all died (damping, probably grower error). Will try again, but started some other things first. Devil, Spice, Mango Haze, and some homemade crosses.


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Thanks Shanti, and Grey Man!

This thread inspired me to plant some Master Kaze and thought I'd share some yummy shots of my apparent 6-7 week pheno about to finish, interested to see clone finishing time. Smells like mango with a light layer of skunky cheese:


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I just wanted to pop in and say that Master Kaze is my favorite smoke.

Groover wasn't playing. Complex smells and nice thick, heavy, lingering tastes. Savory, tart, banana, orange?, ginger. Beautiful orange haired buds

The high is a 10 to me. 4th dimensional inspirational shit. Great for Life. I think it was a quick finisher too. Thanks to Shanti and PMB!



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Sounds very tempting to try MKaze.I have MK skunk but not haze version.
I need a pain killing indica that doesn't put one to sleep.I had a piney tasting indica and it gave a great body high but with a energy head boost.
It had lots of orange hairs and a very clean piney taste or cedar tree taste.

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Hello Indi.
I'm sure there will be something for you in the MKaze, but some phenos are a bit narcotic and sleepy whereas others are physically relaxing and euphoric. There is almost everything between the two, as well... This makes it harder to pin down your keeper - you will have to plant more seeds.
With ASH, most of the plants I smoked were pain numbing style plants with a happy haze edge - or at least that is what I found, so it may be easier to find a medicinal plant in the ASH.

Having said that, I much preferred the MKaze. Taste was much much superior, as was the euphoric side of the high.

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Talking of planting more seeds, I recently planted 2 normal packs of the MKaze. 36 seeds. Well, 35 as I killed a tiny seedling when the pot fell over and squashed it.
Never-the-less I got 26 females from those 35 plants. Way more than I bargained for. My grow room was an absolute jungle. To make matters worse, I vegged them for too long as they were 'in a queue' to go into the flower room. (I got the timing wrong.) There were branches and buds everywhere (except the bottom 2-3 feet of stem, which were stripped bare to aid ventilation and concentrate flowers at the top of the plants. )

The grow was organic with very very little feeding. Once per week, at 2ml per 3 litres. The e.c was at about 0.6, maybe. The rest of the week the plants got rain water.
They were in 35 litres pots. Small, I know, but there WERE 26 to fit into the room! This meant I had to water them almost every day.

This regime means that yields are lower but flavours are un-dampened. I find over-feeding, even a tiny bit, dampens or destroys the flavours when growing organic. I'm not talking about poisoning the plants (when the leaves have necrotic patches or curl up or go 'bulls horn' or when the bud is all leafy with no resin) I'm just talking over-feeding a bit and having the salts build up around the roots.. I did read why this was but for the life of me, I can't remember. Maybe it is something to do with nutrient lockout of the micronutrients needed for aromas and smalls - maybe not.

I would not normally feed hazes at all because it is easy to fuck it up and when you do - even once - the plants becomes hay and not haze. Very unforgiving. Anybody who has grown haze and can't work out why you got poor results... you almost definitely over-fed.

Anyway, because I had so many more females than expected and they were in smaller pots, there may not have been enough soil to have enough nutrients to get through the cycle, so I fed them a tiny tiny bit. They WERE only quarter-hazes, after I took a liberty.

The rain water cycles, in between feeds, keeps the salts from building up. This makes for tastier weed and also keeps your soil healthy and alive. Once the salt in your soil gets above a certain level it will kill the micro-organisms vital to organic growing.

At about week 5 or 6 I stop feeding altogether (depending on how much longer I estimate the flowers to need.)

Anyway, this process may not be perfect but it seemed to keep the plants healthy and lush whilst not over-feeding and ruining the flowers or dampening the aromas and flavours.

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Growing 26 females together has given me a great insight into this variety and it's phenotypes.

Not fucking up the grow (for once) has helped me, too!!!

There were a few things I noticed, which may help you choose to grow this variety or not...

1) yields are average, at best. Across the phenos some plants yielding very badly whilst others (mainly the longer flowering ones) were more than adequate. This is NOT a commercial strain. If I said it was before, I was wrong.

2) The flowers grow mainly into very long and impressive flower spikes. They are not fat, which helps with moulds (- I saw none at all) but they can get very long indeed. The exceptions to this are the real indicas, which can be rounder.

3) The flowers can be tight but can also be very very fluffy and loose. Occasionally they are collections of glistening, fat little balls clustering together to form buds.

4) There is a LOT more haze about than you would think. It expressed itself, in various amounts, in almost all of my plants. Only about 2 or maybe 3 did not seems at all hazey. It is mostly with the smells and bud structure and the stretchiness (manageable but there..)

5) The actual aromas varied a lot between plants but there was a lot of fresh, soapy, floral haze and some fruity hashiness from the kush and affi. Actually, it is some of the best tasting grass I have smoked which can be grown quickly. The smells are very sativa but the tastes can be very indica. The more tasteless phenos I reported on before were just results of my poor growing skills!

6) Resin is affirmatie - and sticky. In 1 or 2 plants of my 26, it glistened all over the stems. I have seen this trait in other hazes.

7) finish is very very quick. Especially if you don't 'over-clock' (and why would you on a 1/4 haze?) My first plants were ready in 6-6.5 weeks. The more haze, the longer the cycle. 10 weekers would be exceptionally rare but possible. Nothing goes longer.

8) light feeders, like all hazes - even the 1/4 hazes - BE WARNED. Still, a lot easier to grow than a 1/2 haze (or more)

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9) Hermies? NO! I didn't see ANY 'nannas' on 26 females until right at the end of the cycle when I saw 1 or 2 immature ones. No pollen whatsoever. I would say that it would be possible to have some hermies BUT ONLY IF YOU STRESSED YOUR PLANTS - maybe with over-feeding or light shock or temps, etc... if you can grow then no worries at all.

10) weed can be STRONG and highs range from medicinal to SPECTACULAR. Even the ones which have a euphoric, slightly soaring high have a body relax. I suppose this one always shows it's indica heritage in one way or another, as you would expect.

11) MUCH easier to grow than, say, SSH, Mango or Nev's Haze or a Skunk/Haze (my favourite.) A good introduction to hazes, as the blurb suggests.

12) Connoisseur stash. A collection of top notch highs and flavours for your body and soul. If you are looking commercial then go for Critical Haze. The highs are not as good but they are just as strong and the yields are better. The tastes are great, too, but don't compare to the MKaze.

14) Also medicinal grade. If you grow out a pack, or more, you will have a lot of head stash but you will also have a good amount of medicine for the cabinet. The effects are narcotic and body relaxing as well as mood and appetite enhancers.

15) Not as good for pain as ASH, though, more sleep or chill or eat, at least on the medicinal side...

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Overall ratings (on the Grover Scale) :

Aroma - 7 to 8
Taste - 8 to 9
High - 8
Stone - 8
Yield - 6
Ease of growth - 6.5
Flower Quality - 7
Plant Structure - 6.5
Branch Rigidity - 5.5
Bag Appeal - 7
Resin Quality - 7
Hash Making - 7
Smoke Quality - 8

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Sublime aromas and flavours. Great mixture of highs and stones. Lots of haze to tempt you.

Can be soaring and euphoric but maybe not cerebral.
Can be strong in the narcotic way as well as relaxing in the soul-food vibe.

Overall theme is a fresh and stunning smell and long spear-like flower spikes.

Much easier to grow than other hazes but still not for beginners at all. A welcome introduction into the haze family for when you feel ready for the next step.

This one is for persy. It is strictly stash. Connoisseur grade stuff.

Recommended? Oh yes.

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Relaxing in the soul food vibe? What are you on about?


It puts you 'on a level', makes you feel 'laid back' and happy.

Some physical/emotional feelings are just hard to say in words, I guess. Especially for an ape like me.

It is funny, though - and you are more than right to call me out!!! ;)


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I think Shanti nailed it with this X. Beautiful smoke AND buds. Selected individuals are easy to trim AND some of the best weed you'll smoke. I'm certain he selected for euphoria with this batch :D . Ginger, tamarind, citrus and some of the notes i can detect and she forms beautiful rounded buds covered in orange hairs. Very resinous and VERY easy to trim.

I'll be doing further selection next year :)


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It puts you 'on a level', makes you feel 'laid back' and happy.

Some physical/emotional feelings are just hard to say in words, I guess. Especially for an ape like me.

It is funny, though - and you are more than right to call me out!!! ;)
Just having a bit of fun, old chum. Good to see you on here. Hope cola bro is doing well.