MImedpatient's Log

Sounds like a plan to me
I feel it is elegant in it's simplicity. I do not know what to look for in males. the only way I can learn is by doing and seeing as research and recomendations only get one so far.

Update 18: culled 20/40 early skunk plants for being males. I missed an NL5x afghan male as he was a late shower and he made it to flower, and got mised before he popped a pollen sac. I now have slightly seeded critical skunks, nordles, nl5 afghans, spice, devils, and hazmm's nev skunk f3(that was almost done). only one sac was open, and it looks like it was a small event. sad w/ myself for not noticing him underneath the stretchers, happy for the happy accident. As I view "sneaker males" as I call them, to be nature's way of getting its freak on when we try to stop it. thank goodness mac 1 is like half sterile and barely wants to take on pollen under optimal planned pollination.
Hopefully it’s just lightly seeded, always have to watch for those late males
yep! if not it is what it is!
getting back into the swing of growing seed plants after a few years of only cuts is quite fun! I believe only a few plants to be heavily seeded. most caught it right at initiation, but the wonderful lemon critical skunk looks like an entire top cola got it as it was beginning stacking, but it may have protected its compatriots and the hazeman Neville's skunks f3's took a couple hits. which, IDK about you Penny, But (nl5hazexafghan skunk) x (nl5xafghan) sounds like if done intentionally and w/ selection would be some kind of expensive 12 pack. and if the Mac took on any seed woohoo. IMO a well bred afghani is probably the best thing to use other than an S1 to propagate a "clone only."

and It would show that Shanti' s Males are quite Virile. The MAC #1 Cap's cut is supposedly difficult to seed, and very difficult to S1 and requires both good timing and strong pollen from what I have been lead to believe from scrolling forums and listening to podcasts. since You came over from Capulator's forum If I remember right, is this generally considered true Pennywise?
also log entry 20: started up some shit from a spring cleaning pack.
Multiple plants from the nordles, spices, and nl5 afghans have developed a slight "deer ate some kind of berries and pooped them out" smell. varying from red berries into generic fruitiness. they are foul in the way only a cannabis consumer would enjoy IMO. most of the Devils still have that gunpowder/ exploded firecracker smell, but putting on some red fruit/berry smells. most of the critical skunks have a red fruit smell, but one is a wonderful lemon smell. other plants smells haven't fully developed, and will be reported on later.
so far 1 critical skunk, 1 spice, and 1 nordle are showing as the quick to bud phenotypes that I am hoping mean either big yield, normal flower time or normal yield, fast flower time. my idea of normal flower time is 9-11 weeks. fast is 7-8. But, as you know we cannot judge a plant by the 1st couple weeks, we could have some explosive burst phase type plants hiding in plain site, or a plant whose smell(and flavor) develops into exquisite perfection during the cure.

So, I got some solar motion sensor leds for playing w/ my dog outside at night. they have an "On as soon as its dark enough" mode that lasts 4-6 hours. and I think they would be great for extending the light hours for autoflowers and small veg plants outside in the early spring; and possibly for the autoflowers for the whole spring/summer. the 4 pack cost 30 or so dollars on amazon, they are little rectangle/cheron shaped led panels they are the pale white spectrum, and are bright enough to keep plants awake and growing like it was evening for a few extra hours if you were to use 1 per 2 plants per side if the plants were in a row. If stealth is not necessary as you live somewhere legal, yall should look into this as a viable season extender /yield enhancer that is a "passive upgrade." one that you only have to buy the once(for the products lifespan) and not pay an upkeep(electric bill)for. there were like 5 brands of these things last fall when I bought them. we bought 5 boxes for us and our neighbor, and only 3 came out of the boxes not working(better than expected as we are unlucky w/ electronics usually) and only 2 stopped working after a couple weeks. we returned them and got new ones quickly. all worked.

I also purchased the angle and round w/ partial "Mouse ears" type LST clips, and I am most excited to have the second package of them arrive. the angle shaped ones are really nice for putting at the base of the branch at the main stem, and making it angle out a touch, so that the lowest nodes can be pruned out faster as they grow in a little sooner. the larger round ones put all branches they are applied to flat, and the nodes on those branches got bigger much faster, and I can pull them at a faster rate, making lower branches grow faster.
The Mac1 is supposed to be hard to S1. It doesn’t like pollen for some reason. I hope you pulled it off though!
The Mac1 is supposed to be hard to S1. It doesn’t like pollen for some reason. I hope you pulled it off though!
I am not even gonna try to S1 gonna attempt an afghani based BX program. Alien cookie = afghan poly hybrid, starfighter = afghan poly hybrid columbian = stuff I don't know anything about. so doing the thing I know + the most common lineage in the plants; which happen to be the same thing, afghani's seems the easiest way to achieve a side project along my "definition correct f1" project.
I have found the occasional immature bean here and there since I started doing plants from seed. the stardawg ogee I have been vegging to long and need to take cuts of, one of the boys popped his preflowers into actual flowers, and opened them at week 6 from seed. It is not an autoflower line, the breeder does not work w/ autoflowers. and it was only the preflowering sites at the 6th, node that were going full out male flowers growing on stalks.
so the mac cant be that infertile to the manly, masculine marijuana of the mountains.
I really hope you find what you’re looking for!
a good learning experience that yields results that could be considered text book. is what I am going for! which is why I decided on Using Shanti's work and well kept lines from other really good breeders! so I have no other expectations than the people I bought seed from did really good work, and I therefore can learn easily, and the seeds will make flowering plants w/ resin on them.
Log update 21: the hazeman f3 Neville skunk ladies, one has developed a small amount of the musky part of the skunk smell, and has beautiul old school fluffy buds. the fruity afghan dominant one is nicer lookin, but is fruity and not musky. the other herbaceous/spicy ones went all lemongrass. the Mr Nice varieties are all developing wonderfully, and one of the NL5x Afghans has developed pink pistils, nd has a wonderful fruity gum kind of smell. The way my garden smells, makes me happy. Orangey from the mac, and all kinds of fruits, lemons, berries, chewing gum, and rotten fruit notes from Shanti's indica dominant lines so far.
log entry 22: 4 of the NL5 afghans NOW HAVE PINK PISTILS ON ALL BUDS NOT beING SHADED BY LEAVES. one of the smaller NL5 x afghan's has Butterscotch w/ good weed smells developing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all ever hear of Butterscotch Hawaiian, or Free Leonard? the nl5 afghans all require a bud to be pulled into the face and sniffed to check smell, none of them are "loud" as the kids would say. all of them smell good, all but butterscotch lady have mild berry smells.