MH cold tolerance


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Hello all,

Anyone have experience carrying these into late flower in the cold (as a mature 3 meter plant). Not much to be found on MH outdoors (that I've found).

Can she tolerate light-moderate frost?
Will she continue to mature, or stop in her tracks with lows in the 40's and highs in the 60's?



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In my experience the answer is yes. This is yet another reason I like MH and NHM.
This year we got quite alot of rain. And the changing seasons bring temps on the mountain (Mauna Kea) down to the mid twenties in the evening. People find it hard to believe that there is snow on the Islands but it happens- yearly.
These conditions bring out the worst in Indies. The skunks and MKS succumb to PM and Botrytis while the Mangoes remain untouched. Plant growth slows somewhat but they still respond to sunlight even in the high fifties just don’t expect the continued explosive growth that you see in high humidity, high temp conditions. I am stoked at how tolerant these plants are. They have proven to be very stable plants with excellent resilence. Good hunting braddah!



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Thanks M.

This is good to know!! My coordinates bring those conditions u describe to a tee. If I can eek out a couple extra weeks it might improve the product.

Funny u mention the difference in skunks etc. the SSH got a touch of bot and PM. The MH has remained very clean. However it started flower 3-4 weeks later so timing can also be a factor here. The temps are low enough now I think I don't have to worry about PM and bot any longer.