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It is correct i released only to Seedsman a few prototype batches to test run...but they are not really available as yet due to some set backs and the Covid has disallowed a lot of travel so we are still without production just now. It is difficult to produce so many different seeds , as well as complete satisfactorily breeding work and test seed batches...but we do our best and these will be eventually on the MNS list....well spotted and will keep you all informed once things are getting closer as i normally test all in our community here first...Sb


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Rumor is The Pill is a long lost Afghan hash plant known for shear face ripping potency. Many rookies puffing on this have been known to literally fall / blackout.

If you forgot to wrap your whopper and your wife is preggers, have her stand at the top of stairs and take a puff. Hence the name.
Where is the info about this.


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I seen some new strains by MNS and thought I’d see what has been happening.
I’ll take a look through the forum posts.


I too am intrigued as to the lineage, particularly of Merlin... particularly the father, as the tale goes- an incubus perhaps!!


Thank you.. I believe some of those "new releases" to be z6 and z7 that i remeber seeing at auction some time ago


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I remember seeing about merlin placeholder in 2013 from herbies, but think i have seen it mentioned as far back as 2011