Medicine Man round 2


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Got some sparkly ssh x mango widow.. I mainly f2 most, doors got some nice.. but lately mostly been growing gdp x blueberry, durple pream f2 I made..


Medicine Man Round 2 #10 cut

Mm10 cut.
Despite the leaf fungus battle, buds remain ok. On the small side but ok.
On a healthy plant would have let go another week or more. But #10 cut around 6 weeks.
Seeded branch is next to lighter. Have checked a few and are solid and dark. The rest ill let dry in the bud.


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Aloha braddah!

Hope you are safe and well!
Just finished both of your fine threads in Medicine Man. I got the feeling you like it and feel it is a good smoke but did you have any strong reasons for liking this variety? I personally use this plant in many medical preps, it is excellent medicine. But I'm wondering if your comments were for medical or rec. Could you please share more?