Medicine Man round 2


To anyone interested in the Medicine Man.
This is round 2.
I have been vegging phenos 4,5,7,10 from last run for about 5 weeks. Along with some Dreamtime/Nordle and a Ssh and 3 new seed starts of Mm.
As well as a longer veg time they have been topped twice and LST tied down and thinned out. They have been Flipped to 11/13 10 days ago and are Looking like they are just about to hit the tubo boosters!
Their in Canna cocco.
Running Full mills nutrients line with some Bio deisel cal mag added twice a week and
House & garden drip clean .
Lights : one, Hortivison 315cmh and a 250w supergrow Led.
Looking good so far.
Feel free to join me.


Medicine Man Round 2



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Hi Andy,

Nice job. Round 1 certainly was a success in my opinion, and I'm glad you found some good smoke. I'll be interested to see how much further you can get them dialed in.


Mm male

2 of the 3 new Mm seed starts where Male. I Kept the better one. Binned the other along with the Female that hsd no vigor. Gonna Make some F2s with Mm7 & 10 & DtNordle.
I was doing this at first as recently the Auctions site was having a bit of a turn out and I wasnt sure my CritWidow MkSkunk and Ortega order would be sorted but J is back on the case now and looks like back to normal. Anyway I will still make the F2s.


Rust Battle.

Hey Das Mm5 is still involved. Sorry for the lack of updates.
Unfortunately I been busy Battling dreaded black spot rust.
This is new to this grow area and not had before after multiple grows.
I added more fans and ventilation.
And defoliated all effected leaves.
Hit them with Eco Fungicide spray then Eco neem a week later. After this they where 2 weeks into flower so could not spray anymore as not to harm flowers.
But allas the rust was set in.
On reflection on the first run from seed the leaves where showing signs of this just before harvest. I thought I had not flushed properly or was down to new nutrient line im useing.
So it was probably about back then and probably entered stomas of the clones I had taken for round 2 and was deeply entrenced. It did not show up until preflowers started showing.
After all though the buds are not affected.
There is still some Bud to harvest in the next few weeks
And I have a fair few seeded buds from hitting them with Mm male 2.

My question is. Will the seeds from a plant effected with black spot rust, carry that fungal gene into the plants they will become?
I will keep all Mm F2 seeds and see how they fair at a later date. But will clean up and bleach grow area and bin most of pots and shit.start again
But I have Ortega , Critical Widow and MasterKush Skunk on the way from the Auctions.
I will run these in Organic No till Soil made by a great farmer in the Gold Coast hiterland. Fail proof just add de chlorinated water.
Im not a big fan of the Mills line I have used in coco.

I will still harvest some bud from rd2 but yeild severely diminished.

So thats where im at. I will nw put up photos of Plants , Rust, Buds ans seeded buds.



Mm rd2 Week2

I forgot to post this pic from about week2.
Before The Leaf Septoria set in.
Everthing was nice and green.
I Went away for the weekend and Dang!
Woop there it was.


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Just letting you know your grows watched and enjoyed... Wish there was a like button on here, so folks knew others are watching...


Thanks Growstone. That means alot coming from another Aussie stuck operating in the shadows of Prohibition. I often dream of the crosses I could make, run, hunt, with more room to operate freely. I just read your tread on mns crosses you would like.
Have you found anything yet?
Thanks for the likes.