"Medicine Man" in the Tropics 🌴🍌


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Hello, to all of you wonderful members following these threads and very much appreciate each and everyone of you, God bless you!

I know been awhile, but many things have happened to me in the last two years making sure my wife was medicated with high CBD stains I grew for her to save her life using fresh leaf everyday was allot of work but saved her life I won't discuss.

Well, I have a full pack of Medicine Man on its way and thought I would start this thread even though I have many blogs that eventually will be finished as have had no luck posting pictures for some reason and have many many beauties to show all of you and will eventually I promise.

Looking at this strain mainly for sleep so will be looking for a mammoth deadly female indica is my hope and take her at Amber and make a organic coconut butter that Was made recently using Critical Mass CBD and induces sleep with a 1/2 teaspoon before bed lulla by bye is excellent and hoping for even faster sleep meds using Medicine Man and coconut oil possibly 1/8 teaspoon before bed or 1/4 teaspoon is what this thread will be about using the medicine man for sound sleeps with a refreshing wake up is my goal here ten feet under hehe is cool as it gets 🏝

And don't forget the pictures that will be the best I can due if I can get them posted, will see πŸ€”




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Awesome kick off to a thread, RB.

Congratulations on the success with your wife! Keeping the ones we love happy and healthy should be everyone's top priority. I'm so happy for you.

I will part with this: I usually host my pictures on a third party site (photobucket, postimg.org, etc) it is the only way I've had luck getting pictures up on this forum consistently. All you do is copy and paste the image code when you are updating the thread and it shows up in with your text.

Hope this helps, can't wait to see your medicine, man. :D

Stay hazed,
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God save you too friend and even if you won't discuss, I'm pretty sure it was not just cannabis which saved your wife but the pure love your spreading.

I'm very exited to see your green ladys,

love and respect


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Medicine Man is the πŸ’£ ! πŸ’₯

Hello all of you following my threads and much appreciated :)

Thanks for stopping by Blowingupjake & Thiery thanks for the compliments and God bless you both.

Medicine Man is Incredible!

Started 10 seeds out of 20 seeds Thanks Shanti much appreciatedπŸ‘

Out of 10 seeds One is a stand out from the start and very stocky putting out very thin leaves that look powerful just like the most resin filled pheno indica looking leaves I have never seen before and should be an incredible pheno with the look of Be Careful with me or you will be OUT! Cold.

This is just one, there are others who look incredible like a taller pheno I found and looks all indica just tall and green glossy leaf color.

Also keeping my eye on a very short branchy pheno with very close nodes but looks great and keep you posted.

The taller pheno is Solid by design but not to tall, just noticeable unlike the other pheno's that appear more hybrid 50/50 mix with purple stems and leaves on most of them but one has no purple just light green stems.

This is going to be a very interesting thread on MM and should be an awesome show with amazing medicine.

Every single pheno looks like a keeper but a few stand out more than the rest and is why I separated the first MM pheno I mentioned as it looks phenomenal!

This thread will be completed with one of a kind spectacular pictures, so get ready for a show.

Peace and God bless you ALL!

RB :p


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Hello there just a quick note.

I heard much about a special MM pheno that can be found and believe I found her with serrated green indica leaves and a smell rubbing stalks that smell intense!

So I kept her as well and what a beauty going by Jesses description I found her.

RB :p


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Short Pheno

Hi, no pictures but soon and they will be spectacular!

When I read about MM effects knew she was what I wanted for sleep.

Allot of readings about MM were about not many Indicas like Rhino just mainly Sativa.

Well, I have two beautiful short MM pheno girls that reek and one of them has the shortest noses thus far in veg I have ever seen before like 1/2 inch spacing really really close and just separated her from flowering do to quickness stretching showing sex today. This particular pheno has resin glands all over the leaves outer edge sparkling with the light is exciting!

The other Short MM pheno is very Deadly looking plant and the new leaves are like spears with edges appearing like thorns on the outer edge is very unusual trait very very peculiar leaf pattern on this girl also a dark green bluish tint almost like razor edge before turning into a larger leaf pattern truly Deadly to look at pictures will be present with discriptors.

Just wanted to stop by and share the contents to be found in a pack of MM.

I found this one phenomenal MM that is MASSIVE! Not a joke and she smells wonderful and will share this one also soon.

Also the most spectacular looking Widow Female with purple stems that is absolutely stunning is all I can say just a wicked looking MM female to be found and so beautiful I'm in love.😍

There are two different short Indicas to be found.
Tall pheno that is Massive beautiful dark green leaves.
Widow pheno with purple attributes a Beauty!

Found four female phenos so far.

More to come ten feet under in the tropics.




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I can't wait for the pics brah. I too am very impressed with MM. Good medicine with a good yield. Got a big pack recently and will put them to use in 2017.

Cool runnin braddah


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Hi Res.
Just want to say that your descriptions are mouth-watering, and I too can't wait to see the pics, and I hope/know they'll give you the effect you hope for.


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Massive Male Found !

Hi everyone thanks for stopping by and the pics Musashi will be spectacular I assure you as I take hundreds of photos choosing only the best for your enjoyment great to share with you.

The affect should be fantastic (beauthebulldog) hoping for very sleepy and will keep you posted with results.

Well, that Massive MM is a Male, a very stinky one, and thought it was a female when clone was flowered and after a week in flower as a clone saw some balls not a couple, many many ball all through bud knowing it would contaminate my other females so I removed the top cola buds thinking light change shock, caused it to Hermie.

Went ten feet under again today and most definitely a very strong MM male with hollow stems, female pistels, very strong smell my cat went crazy over, and feel this is definitely a land race male I plan on keeping around for awhile for sure.

Anyway, my Massive female is a Massive Male I will show you with pictures just beautiful.

I now have Three females of MM two short stinky ones and one WW beautiful purple female and no hermies.

More to come.


RB :p


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First Pictures MM

This is the first picture of many many beauties of MNS, and this is thefirst time able to put up pictures.

More to come shortly


rb ;)
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It's good too see you on a roll again RB! What with your new-found photo skills, looking forward to the goodness you bring!



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There is a line in the movie Shogun's Assassin, "I am the Supreme ninja!"
That you are my braddah!

Aloha nui