Medi Haze 10 feet under, in the Tropics x 5


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Eraced Medi Haze Pictures ?

Hello Everyone and hope your well.;)

Not really sure why five pictures were eraced above this posting and have no clue what happened to them?

I can't download pictures as it says disc is full and not quite sure what that means?

The pictures I want to share of Medi Haze are awesome in appearance and the high is euphoric and smooth.

This particular pheno of Medi Haze is a very big girl and makes chunky type buds easy to manicure.

Anyway I will try showing new pictures when this problem is re solved for downloading new pictures as unable at the moment.

I thought the disc space was unlimited for All Members am I correct?

More to come if allowed to post them.

This variety doesn't like High Heat and it hermied late in flower but no seeds.




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...that is why it is a good idea for everyone to get some sort of higher cbd variety.
even if you don't know someone who is in need of it now, you may soon.
and if you have to wait to get the seeds, and then grow them out, it will be at least 4-6 months till you have some. some times that is too long of a wait.
if you have a mother sitting around waiting, at least you can get some clones into flowering asap, and cut that time down...

...if I had some cbd meds ready, on hand, maybe I could have helped save this guy from going under the knife...
So grateful to have this medicine available. A good friend recently diagnosed possible MS with Lewy body dementia. Not sleeping and hallucinating. Now getting some sleep and is calmer. Though she still has problems with motor coordination, she is calmer and not hallucinating as much.
Yesterday, another friend’s sister was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Thank goodness for the Medihaze that was recently grown. So it is off to the store for some Everclear this morning. My day has purpose.
Spirit has a way. Grow the CBD and the people in need will come. We are all stewards...