Med Man Day 55. Scrog, Autopots, 2 x A/C 600W.

the bro

Med Man. Scrog, Autopots, 2 x A/C 600W.

How about i just show the pics.

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He must have his albums under private he has to change it to public or no one can see them what a let down I was looking forward to seing the med man

the bro

Bump any pics?

Have now put the album on public viewing,

so if u cant see pics here, check out my album.

hopefully you should be able to see them now!!

p.s i am shit on computers, so i bet there has been no change, ha ha, ah well, am trying and will get there in the end!!


Wow man, very impressive girls you have there. One of my all time favourite strains is the medicine man...damn she will be some good medicine! :D


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HEy bro

nice work plants looking great ! how many seeds did you go through to find your keeper ? could describe a little what your MM is like ?

cheers MW

the bro

Hiya Arpege, cheers mate.

Nice one easty, yeah real good meds ha ha.:cool:

I only had three beans and luckily for me i got one female.

My particular pheno did stretch though, but had otherwise indica traits in growth structure internode distance.

Not fussy , but took a while to establish then absolutely takes off!!
Very heavy feeder. she could handle all the nutes i gave her up to about 2.2 EC if not more!!

8 weeks gave you solid easily best weed around anyday. 9 weeks gave you orangey/brown encrusted nuggets that would blow your socks off. warning stuff!!
very heady. i prefered the 8 week stuff myself, the 9 weeker too toxic for daytime!! turned me into a forgetful idiot.

Lost her now. Gutted.
Will get some more after i finish playing with my G13/sk girls. They are waiting their turn, cos before them i currently have something i could do with some help with.

i was stuck with no cuts and a friend kindly gifted me " LOT#5 EVOLUTION" by oldtimer on uk420.

Has anyone grown this strain? what is in the cooking??

cheers fellas,

ps will do a grow log on them soon with piccs. just so damn busy with other stuff, trying to start a businesss!! ha ha too fuckin stoned to tie my shoelace half the time



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Ok, now you're just showing off! LMAO!!!! AWESOME! I'm coming to your house for my birthday! I need to be medicated! Kinda lost count when I ran out of fingers. Don't forget to let us know dry wt after harvest. Impressive! :) :) :)