Med man and Critical Mass....first grow in three years.


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I am so excited to get back to growing! Due to the legal status here, my grow is indoors. My flower room is a 4x4 grow tent, outfitted with a 6" carbon filter that exhausts into our attic. Currently, I am running a 600w HPS, with a phantom digital ballast and a hortilux bulb. This summer, my husband and I plan to build a few LED fixtures. We are currently going back and forth between some of the new COBs and Quantum expect new lighting late this summer.

This grow began with a total of 27 very old (poorly stored) seeds. Six of them popped. One seedling withered shortly after sprouting, another was "picked" as a seedling by my two year old. The remaining 4 survivors (3 Med Man, 1 CM) have been mainlined and had their lower growth cleaned out. I would prefer to allow the plants to get a bit bigger before going to flower, but the local supply is expensive and poor quality. So I need to get some home grown herb finished ASAP.

I know mainlining takes longer to veg, but with a perpetual set up, veg time is hardly ever an issue and it helps with trimming. I have essential tremor disorder, so this technique​ has been immensely helpful for me in the past. Monday, I switched to 12/12 for flower. 😊


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On to flower!!!

This is an organic soil grow. I blend my own soil using a local source for base soil, then I heavily amend with expanded shale, earthworm compost, mushroom compost, Coco coir, etc. Typically, I only feed with water, but I do use Garrett juice with fish emulsion every once in a while. The recipe is from a local organic gardening guru named Howard Garrett. The recipe can be found with a simple Goole search.

Each plant is in a 7 gallon homemade Smart pot. I hope you enjoy watching as I begin growing again. It's a part of my life that I have truly missed. I'm sure some mishaps will happen, but it looks like 3 of the four plants are girls, so luck is already on my side. I will attempt to add a few pictures today. Hope y'all are having a great day.


Lookin good Bro!

I couldn't help you on the CBD front but I grew both CM and MedMan and both are awesome genetics.

I would call them classical indica leaning hybrids with awesome growth and vigor (as can be seen in your pics as well) and interesting terps to be discovered.
I found several fruity/berry leaning phenos. Awesome genetics.

Both are quite potent though, I did not find any "duds" in there and it might not be exactly right for a "daytime" smoke.

All the best and stay frosty Bro.


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Apologies if I'm wrong, but I think Bro might be a Sis, Bro, as husband and child are mentioned. How many Medman did you grow, Bro, and were any of the problems from the first round ironed out? Hope so.
Hi AC. Your training looks very neat! Texas in summer sounds hot! I often wonder how folks like you manage indoor grows in such places, I struggle in the UK! Good aircon I guess. Don't you worry about the cops looking for unexplained heat sources? (You don't have to answer that).
Anyway, I'll be watching with interest as I've just planted a pack of these. Started with 16 and then 5 days later thought what the heck and did the other 4. They're all doing well, even the one that came up upside down and had to have its rockwool cube ripped in half so it could be re-oriented! Good seeds. Good luck!


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Bro: Thanks for trying to help on the CBD strains. It will be a later addition, so I have plenty of time to make my decision there.
This isn't my first time growing either of these strains. If my memory serves me correctly, they were purchased from Shanti about 7 years ago. You are right - neither of these is a daytime smoke for me. I typically smoke an hour or two before bed these days. I'd like to be able to partake in a more social way though.....and I would like something that didn't make it difficult to take care of my toddler if I am having a (medically) bad day. Thus the interest in CBD strains.

Beau: You are correct! I am no bro. ;-) Texas summers are a beast. We are already hitting 30 August, the worst days will be closer to 45 C. I guess the best I can tell you is that newer homes are well insulated, we all have central air conditioners, while using HPS I always use an air-cooled hood, and I am conservative on my lighting. I use a 600w HPS on a 4x4 Gorilla Grow tent. Then you just deal with a slightly higher electric bill. While cultivation is still very much illegal in Texas, LEO won't come knocking for my size grow unless you are stupid enough to steal your electricity. If I were to get caught, I would be a poster child for NORML. At a glance, I look like every other soccer mom down here....with a few important differences. I have a mild form of epilepsy and a tremor disorder. With my vape, I have been able to control both without pharmaceuticals for over a decade. Think toking before bed instead of timed doses of barbiturates (to control the tremors and seizures) and amphetamines (just to stay awake and cognizant during the day.) Weed has drastically improved my quality of life.

Musashi: Thanks for the props. I can't wait for my own product to be available. Once you have home grown weed, the crap on the streets down here is just that....crap.


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RIP Med Man #2

Well, guys, it's official Med Man 2 was a boy as suspected. So I had to chop him down and throw him in the blender this week. It's a shame, too. He was very vigorous and made the room reek any time you brushed up against him.....but I don't have any breeding space, so we won't be making our own seed this time....compost it is. I do want to make my own f2 seed stock some time in the future though.

The positive to this is that Med Man #1 is taking over the extra space left by our missing plant. The others are getting bigger too, but this one is just exploding. I hate having so few plants in the tent, but they seem to love it....and I have new seed on the way, so pheno hunts will come later this year.

7 day pictures coming tomorrow evening, but for a moment....lets talk about the upcoming cycles. I believe I will do half a pack each of CBD Girl Scout Cookies and Shit, next. After those, which of these would you like to see? If you have a favorite in there, please tell me about it. All of these are new strains to me, so I know it will be fun.

Early Queen
Neville's Skunk
Shark Shock
Widow AC (Waze)


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1 week at 12/12

Everything is in flower. Pictures as promised.

Critical Mass

Med Man #1

Med Man #3

Close ups



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2 weeks at 12/12

Well my three little girls have been under 12 hour lighting for 2 weeks now, and they aren't so little anymore. I try to defoliate once a week at this point, but I only remove leaves that are shading bud sites. I've still managed to fill a gallon sized bucket both weeks. A few of the Critical Mass tops had to be tied down a bit last night, but surprisingly, both Medicine Man girls are catching up in height. While the canopy isn't as even as I prefer, overall I am very pleased with my first grow back in this hobby. My two year old finds "Mommy's plants" very interesting too. Luckily, she hasn't tried to hold them since the seedling picking incident! :-D

Med Man #2 was a beautiful plant, and I was sad when we confirmed that he was a male, but I'm not sure that my 4x4 tent was really big enough for all four plants anyways. Everything is filling out quite well, I'm sure that by week 8 it will be almost impossible to get in here. Remember, Critical Mass is in the back left corner, Med Man #1 is in front on the left hand side, and Med Man #3 is on the right.

My 4x4 tent at 2 weeks flower

Bud Shots
Med Man #1

Med Man #3

Critical Mass

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Awesome stuff. I'm excited to run MedMan sometime soon (got two packs in the fridge!). It's so cool that you got some of that limited-edition Widow AC!! I don't think you can go wrong on the choice for your next run but that's where my vote is :-D


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Almost 5 weeks at 12/12

Ok, so I am having a bit of color metering issues with my camera. I apologize for the funky coloring. I hate shooting under HPS lighting. Hopefully we can use the $$ from this grow's surplus to build an LED fixture for bloom. I'm also currently putting together a 200w kit from Chilled Grow Lights. When I get it finished and up in my veg closet, I will let you know what I think.

The tips of the fan leaves are showing my errors just a bit. I waited a bit long to give the girls some compost tea, then probably fed them a bit strong. Many of the fan leaves ended up with tiny burnt tips, but otherwise look stunning, vigorous and healthy. All in all, I am happy with this grow.

Almost 5 weeks fower

Critical Mass

Medicine Man



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Hey girl sure do miss your commentary. You left some great tips behind. Hope all is well. Aloha M


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It all looks good Alicakes!

I know y'all cadets don't want to go to Austin, but weed is cheap as F here, and usually pretty good for the price. In fact, it's so cheap I need to change my game plan.