MasterKaze by Permaculture


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Hello everyone, one of my two masterkaze pheno's finished at 65 days and I got to smoke it for the first time yesterday, will tell about that soon.
Picture 1 is the one I have harvested early in flowering. Picture 2 is the more sativa of the two and still has some time. Picture 3 is the more sativa pheno at 9 weeks. Last picture is a harvest of the quicker pheno.

Smoke is sublime! This has been my first haze experience and you could say I'm hooked. I smoked two bowls with a friend at a national park yesterday and spent the next 2 and 1/2 hours wandering around the forest in an enchanting daze! Ive never found so many mushrooms in my life, it was like they were easier to find high; was a whole lot of fun.

Wanna give a big shout to Shanti! Your an inspiration to me.


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Hey dude, Great plants, really really nice plants
I love the master kush and the mix with haze is really where its at, I am always growing some master Kaze and Critical Haze of some amount, Just too good to pass up,