Master kaze and spice.

Tom bolenate

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Hi mates,

I sampled a bit of spice yesterday.
One bud was a bit molded so I isolate it and used it for this early sampling.
To be honest I underestimate it due to average looking and medium resin production... What a mistake!
Smell is quite discret, it's not a pungent skunk of Afghani but when you crack open a bud à very nice fruity with a touch of lemon and something I can't describe in background come to the nose (a kind of honey smell)
Resin production is average as you can see in the pic but when you ground it you realise it's very sticky.
I vaped a bowl with my mighty and was astonished with the effects.
It's more an indica type of high but not like an Afghani or Indi Dom skunk breed.
You fell extremly relaxed but without too much heaviness while all your worries fly away.
It has a body buzz but really unique, makes your skin buzzing... It's a very sensual feeling. And it is quite long lasting.
I'm sure this stuff is great for sex 😏😘
Didn't keep a cutting, but the 2 plants I had were quite uniforms so I think it's not hard to get a good mum from seeds.

I warmly advice all of you who are looking for plants with unique fx to give it a try.... It's like having sex with an average looking partner and reallising she or he was one of the best fuck of your life.
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