Master kaze and spice.


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Almost 3 weeks since the flip.
Made a mistake on the first post, I had 10 plants in total.
8females 1 male and 1 spice culled for lacking vigor. ....not bad this time.

So ending with 2 spices fem 6 Mkz fem and a beautiful Mkz male very vigorous with big hollow stem....I flower him as I can I front of a sunny window.... Should be good enough to produce a bit of pollen to make Mkz F2.

A pic of the Mkz dude:
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un pouce pour le christ :)

Tom bolenate

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sur ta photo la statue

me dit pas que c'est

En fait c un apôtre je pense (il a une plume dans une main) a été probablement volé ds une église Italienne il y a bien longtemps.
Comme on c pas trop on l'a surnommé "Saint glinglin".... C un bel objet.


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Sans titre 2.jpg

si c'est pas jesus en regardant de plus pret je dirais un roi mage ou joseph

super la statue en tout cas

Tom bolenate

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Beautiful looking plant, Tom bolenate! :love: Good job on the grow!

Thanks for the kind words brah.
But could have been better.
Plants were a bit crowded in the space
And I was the shadow of myself the last 2 weeks....had an abces in colon and believe me It wasn't pleasant.


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As he's been playing in that sandbox for awhile, perhaps Tom is willing to share his views on the differences between MKS, MKaze and The Stones?



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Hi Tom.
You can really see the best from Master Kush in your keeper pheno.
Shanti clearly is using a nice MK parent in the cross, and of course his Afghan Haze male is a proven fire maker.
Can't wait for the smoke report. Congrats and well done!


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PS: please don't make your selection until you have smoked them both.
The second one looks to have a bit more haze in her, which you might like a LOT.