Master Kaze 13 Pheno's 40+ Photo's


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looks to be a nice producer, what is the lineage of this plant ?
thanks for sharing


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They look wonderful. How long have they been flowering?

@ jeffman, I think it's Afghan Haze x Master Kush Skunk
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thanks for looking in, the flowering times for this stain are anywhere from 49-84 days , the kush dominant phenos finish earlier and the haze dominant pheno's are longer flowering, there may be the odd extreme haze in the line that would go longer but i would expect most plants to be done or nearly done by 70 days


thanks for looking in again, these last photo's were them taken down, they were grown in small pots(3 litre) and were in cramped conditions, given more room there's definitely the potential for some heavy girls

thanks again
Hey champa, thanks for posting the grow; great shots.

What lighting was used? Dirt pots or hydro?

I look forward with great anticipation to your smoke reports. I just popped a pack of Master Kaze and as this morning, I've got 17 of 18 germinated and off and running.