MangoWidow under 250W


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Hi Cibin,

They look like pretty good yelders.

Hope you to enjoy the smoke, i have my mouth watering :)
Yo, they will yeild really well compared to what i am used to so far.
And the smoke..?
Man, i cut two lowest branches (one from each plant), quick dried it in oven and test-smoked it. Didn´t expect much and how i was surprised!!! No nasty chlorophyl smell or taste, which surprised me very much and then the effect.. Both are so far of the same super-potency, the sativa pheno being more in the head. Had little problems standing on my feet so i rather sat at the couch. But i wasn´t stoned, just my head/mind was "clouded" and everything around me was blured. In about 30 minutes i got used to it and was able to have a cigarette :D
I am really looking forward to have a ripe, well cured fatty of it!


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Cibin, WOW. You are GETTING IT DONE with the 250! What are the smells like? I think I had a MW, and it was absolutely POWerful smoke. Like getting in trouble as a kid - Sit down and think about it... The plants and pics are both killer :D


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prechop pics

Both girls are now choped, first one two weeks ago, second one last weekend (still drying). Can´t find my pre-chop photos of the first one, so here are 4 pics of the second one - the longer flowering:

as this beauty is still drying and the other one is curing i can not give proper smokereport, but the faster one...
The faster one is really really really potent pot, neither smell nor taste are fruity (uncured), more like floral/spicy/woody with touch of bitter carrot.
5 minutes after a joint you will feel your face turning into silly smile and actually the same will happen to your soul / brain. Sitting lazy on the chair with that strange smile on your stoned face, very comfortably relaxed both mentaly and physicaly, in very good mood, thinking "what the fuck do i have in my fridge??". When you are with more people you can enjoy very amusing conversation, when alone good movie is great idea..
Can´t comment on the duration of high because i smoked it only several times in evenings and every time, after about 2 hours i fell asleep, as the high turned into sedative, sleepy buzz. Next morning i wake up very refreshed and in good mood, with absolutely no burn-out..

Please excuse my poor english.
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Great report Cibin, great photos too. Thanks for sharing. Just ordered a pack along with some Black Widow. Coming out of retirement, haven't grown in a while and I'm really looking forward to this strain.



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wanna say good job on the training..

obviously not the best training, but to me, growing indoors, people need to train the plants to be efficent..

have fun with that plant.. looks nice