MangoWidow under 250W


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I have two girls out of 5 seeds, straight 12/12 from seed in Homebox S, under 250W MH, later 250W Hps..
So far i am very impressed with their vigor and easiness of grow..

Here is about 12 days old picture, just when the flowering began:

I´d guess that the left one will be more on the Widow side and the right one more Hazy.. time will tell

Big Buddy

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Good stuff there, wait til you smell these girls at about week 6, intense is an understatement. They look fantastic so far thats for sure.


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Wait for tomorrows pics, they look much much better now than on those old pics! (need to recharge my batteries to take few shots)

And thanks for your nice words Sirs!


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Cheers Buddha!
Here are the pics promised. They are from today, +- 16 days of flowering.
Excuse the quality of pics, my camera is quite good, but my skills are awfull (and not improving :confused: )

First the more sativa-leaning pheno:
serious bondage applied :D



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Lookin good

Hey Cibin

Ur plants r lookin great they've got some great genetics in them n there showing!

I read up above that ur using 250watt lights?

How much do u usually xpect to yield from a 250w light?

I was thinkin of doin a small indoor grow wit a 400w but ur babies lookin good under that 250w

I needa do more studying but yea jus a few ?'s wen ur not busy take it easy,



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Hi BudBo! Maybe you will not like my answer regarding yeilds, but this is what can i tell you - the 250 gives me enough smoke for 4 months of smoking (only evenings, to relax by the TV and then to sleep well - 2 joints per evening). I hope to have about 100 - 120 g of dried buds after this run, but who knows..? The AfHaze x AfSkunk seems to be great producer and one of the MW will probably yeild well too. I have yet one Jackberry F2 and one CheesberryHaze in the tent, so 5 females total, 20- 25 g per plant in avarege would be awesome for me. However, for next Haze-hybrid grows i plan to buy a 400W HPS for flower. (250W MH for veg is just OK, so no change planned here).


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roughly 40 days flowering, faster pheno pics

this one seems to be a 8-9 weeker and huge yeilder!

believe me, i am doing my best to take good pics, but the results with my camera are still poor.. :confused:


dude they are lovly pics and your plants are stunning:)

if you want to see bad pics go and have a look at ANY of my pics:D



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those girls have been gimplified good n proper
lovely lookin buds, not long then it's schmokey schmokey travellin on a cloud


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sativa pheno update

I took few shots of the sativa pheno of MW. I am little bit scared about the week stem and huge bud on it, hope it will be ok when the bud fattens up..

Mango widow sativa-leaning pheno at about day 45 of flower:

top of it:

you can see burned tips of leaves, EC was never above 1,25 :confused:

both plants together for comparison:

here you can see the "indica" pheno is loosig green colour on lower leafes and more than half hairs are already rusty/orange, so next week i will start flushing and by the end of April she will be chopped!