Mango widow search


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I don't even mess with uploading on to this site.

My advice to everyone is to host images remotely (photobucket, etc)
And then copy and paste the photo in to the thread...
That's the only way I have found to get pics up on this site.

Looking forward to your show!

Happily hazed,


I put the pics up in the member gallery mango widow green lake, resizing is to much of a pain. Not computer savvy enough. The mh pheno is complete in 9 weeks and is the best producer i have grown, double the critical skunk as far as gpd goes good smoke and very vigours
The more widow pheno takes about 11 to 12 weeks and is right there with the best all around smoke i have ever grown. smell is of the charts like a freshly bit into starburst not sure what flavor but thats the best i can describe it and yeilds decent.


Its funny how things end up i had 18 or 19 seeds cant remember, ended up with 17 plants and only got two females but two really good ones almost dumped the 12 weeker because it is a little tuff to grow but dialed her in she likes a light feeding
The nine weeker any one can grow really easy almost like you cant over feed her :D takes lots of punishment