Mango Inbred & LaNina


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Yup. Over at the other spot there are 2 plants that are not super cropped, a single cola dom & one that has a level crown of buds (the most indy dom MK/Sk). The single cola is majestic, lol. Pics.

~20 days up there. Plants are bout done stretching, the satty dom;'s have been supercropped into bushes. I put her on 3ml bloom & 6 ml micro every other feed alternating with 3 ml earthjuice catalyst & 1/10gram epsom. Her clones rooted like monsters but she didn't know that rockwool needs to get soakedsoakedsoaked & 3 cubes bit the dust. She's insinuating that she is getting hot feet about non med state growing & may not grow another round. I told her that the clones are HER plants & it's time to make that call. Either way, I'm helping this round, & I'm out. I'll consult, but she's not putting the same amount of time as I am, and I live 2 hours away & she lives onsite, lol. Added teh 3rd light & rearrainged & setup fans today. Time fer swellin.

The color is funky with these, cause I tried to adjust out the hps bulbs. Shoutout to I had a problem & they fixed it in 5 min on the phone :)

Majestic. :p She's labeled ? onsite with 3 ln & 3 mk/sk marked. I have her figgured for a mk/sk & have her labeled as such in my clones, but lookin like a lanina. Maybe, lol.



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Homegrown :cool:

Something like 30-31 days.

LaNinas. This is the one right under the bulb. Loaded with long lean budsites. Peep the heat damage on the super cropped cola behind it. 1 other top in there like that. I think that one is a mango haze.

Most sativa one

The most indica one.

Same one as last pic

The other fast chunky one.

The one that reminds me of my cut from almost 5 years ago.



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Uuuugghhhhh post eating internet monster strikes again.

Mangoes. Running a lil hot. One in way back of the pic is a mango.

Random order mango pics.

Sativa beast. Lives in lower light & lower yet airflow & drinks 1/2 as much. Go figgure.

Here she is bussin' outta my tent in the shade. If the canopy wan't so dense with juicy spears of nugs, I'd go vert. If my grandmother had testicles she'd be my grandfather. If a bull had tits it'd give milk. I don't wanna shock em & fuckup a good thing.

Shaved legs. Droppin leaves due to the shade more than I like, but the light is faaaar away & the canopy is super thick & they are lookin good to me (if overfed) up top.

Later taters :)
awesome sativa grow patrick ,perfect.
at the moment i m growing sativa hybrids also,and there is some C5 X la nina who start to be interesting ,i will share with you some pics soon.


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Thank you very much lrv :) Please drop those pics in here whenever you like. That sounds like a great hybrid :) This grow is never perfect, but so far there have been no issues to write about really. I have plants that are up out of the light footprint, & I have overwatered (not waited till they were truly dry to soak them) a few times & overfed 2 times. I had poor circulation for too long & I need a second screen. Those are my sins, now I need to say 5 hail marys & help an old lady across the street haha.

The offsite grow is sorta fugazi, but I'm happy with the results so far being that so much is in the hands of a first time grower.


In the immortal words of Senator Clay Davis:

Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet pardner!

These girls be filling out nicely.

I ain't gonna lie, at first I thought they were a bit scrawny looking but I suppose patience is key as usual.

Now if only them ladies could stop growing vertically :D

Looking forward to 50-60 days pics.

Keep truckin bro


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What's good, Bro :) Thanks for the love! Thyy stopped growing vertically about 25 days into 12/12. I had backed the timer down a few days before I flipped so they may be considered a day or 3 ahead of what I list them at. They were also fully mature for the most part & <12wk plants really only stretch thru 4 full weeks. I look at flower in 3rds kinda. 1/3 to stretch, 1/3 to set, 1/3 to swell. It's night 40 right now, pics a comin' :cool:

Howdy, j :) I hand water. They are 3 gallon gro-rounds (like 5 gal smartpots) & I generally am on a - Soak with appx 3liters, wait 1 day, top the 8 drier ones with a liter, soak, wait a day.... - watering schedule. The irrigation was a quick rigged setup for early flower that could be used to keep the plants alive while I was away for a week.
-1/2" black poly tubing crimped at the end
-spaghetti hose barbed into that
-360 deg full circle fan spray bubblers in the pots.
I have a POS fountain pump on there now that will dribble water to the 9 sites after a ~2' rise from the tote/res. To do 9 sites properly requires a 1/6hp or better sump with an inline pressure regulator before the bubbler heads.
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Whoo boy it's cold. Indoor season fer sure ;)

Random garden shots. Tried to adjust color (successfully???) on some of them. 40 days.

Hazy monster.

Rangy beast that is not at all supported & flopping all over.

Step child that I like the look of & is making lots of resin from what I can see, but is way crowded out for light.

One in front setting up to be a yielder. Growing kinda like blue dream but looking a week or so slower.

I'm not dazzled by the smells, but I never met a SSH I didn't like , so I will withhold judgement till they are up in smoke.



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LaNinas. They are outshining the MH inbreds right now.

Most sativa. Chunky one leaning in photobombin.

One in middle under bulb. Went too dry over newyears & took a nitrogen deficiency.

Same one.

Chunky one.

Sexy one.

Another one hidden in the hazes. Chunky, but is getting the lumen sloppy seconds.

Happy new year, note in the mailbox says I have international mail! Wonder what it could be... :cool:


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Bang a gong, kick down the stall and yell "I am the king!"
You be killin it brah!

Cool runnin


Noice Bro.

If the vertical stretch is over, I see nothing but happy days ahead :D

Filling out very nicely and the white frostiness in the pics is astonishing.

I always find it very satisfying to see how Sativas catch up late and fulfil all your dreams when you are patient enough.

I say it again: At first I felt like they looked a bit scrawny and was wondering where the big fat colas were supposed to appear.

Well that question has been answered and then some :D
Very nice look Patrick.

Can't wait for the next drop of pics and most importantly el reporte de smoking :D

Stay frosty Bro.


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Thank you kindly, fellahs :) This grow is sort of all over because of the clone hunt. Once I find my girl (girls?), I'll have a grow worth puffing my chest over. First time scrogging a tent & I fukked up by not putting down a second screen. I'm going to be staking the hell out of them soon, & molesting resinous buds to fix problems that could have been avoided kinda pisses me off. Been there done that (in light dep hoop houses most recently). I end up smelling great & the plants end up just a little less greasy.

1/2-2/3 of the way in, I have my eye on 3 laninas (2 chunkies & sexy) & 2 of the mango hazes (Blue dream structured one & the greasy one in the corner). That thought is meaningless, cause I'll be picking my clone(s) from the clone runs not the seedplant run haha.

FWIW, they are on a steady diet of dechlorinated tap water with low-dose epsom/fulvic/humic, & "ph down" with either Fish hydrolysate or EJ catalyst. Have been feeding silicon appx 1x/week. With Si, I have to double up the "ph down". Feed appx every other soak with bottles. Almost used up an 8 oz soul synthetics bloom sample bottle & plants have seen ~2-3 dynagro grow feeds & 1 maxibloom feed. I check EC when feeding chems & it hasn't gone over 1.2. Medium tends to runoff around 6.0, so that bodes well for a 10 day tap water finish with the tap ph a bit on the high side & ec appx 0.1-0.2.


doin great, gonna crack the 1 g/w barrier

waiting for the smoke reports .... and watchin nice girls , yay !


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Just tend/prune in the nude, at the end you will be covered in resin, possibly halide sunburn as well but will have some great hash makings!

Looks great man, I do not like tents myself other than for breeding purposes but understand their place/use. Tents are just too damn restrictive for big grow plus a ripoff on price, jmo.


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Thanks for the love deran :) I'll be through the roof if I go over 1gpw with this grow. People throw that number all over the forums, but in soil w/o co2, I only get there occasionally. Never did it with any room bigger than 4k, though.

sys, the tent is only 5' x 5' & has 9 smarties on the floor. I'm not getting in anywhere, lol. Lesson learned. I'd only messed around with tents before - vegging & side-blooming projects. Never focused on one as my only (not counting the far away 3k) bloom show. I love the light intensity & the ease of building a grow room in 20 min. Can't lie, the first time I assembled a tent it took me 2-3 hours haha! This tent is the entry-level secret jardin. Darkstreet 150??? Was right ~$200shipped from after I found an online coupon. Seems to be built ok, but my splash mat has a taped seam running through it (not one piece of unbroken waterproof stuff, 2 pieces...) which I was very let down about. Horses for courses. I'd love to fill a garage with 7' tall 12 week hazes, but I'm forced to find a tasty cropper to run in tents at the moment ;)

PS, I WILL be slacking on staking the plants. They are flopping, but not splitting die to the screen. The light is close & bright enough to blast everything with light, so I will be sorta hands off. Gonna be dropping the night temps over the next 2 weeks to try to draw out some color.

Lord Siva

Hola Amigo

What is up p-star? Good to see you rocking out. Was just doing some lurking and bumped across this tread, nice stuff. Hope all is well on the far coast freezing me nads off over here. Have yet to try they la Nina but you seem to be doing her justice, cant wait for a report on her. smoking on a nine week finishing mango that puts you down for the count very small yeilds but has that uptown funk to her if you know what i mean. :p


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What's good, SivaSiva :D I'm right there with ya, snow just tapered off & I went & threw rocksalt on the driveway :p Had to take a break from the left coast for a bit & I dun gave all my 'coats' away when I moved out there. Haha, I donated 3-4 before I moved out & 'only' brought 2-3. Donated them all but a track jacket. That and a hoodie & thermals gets it done down to ~10deg though, lol. Funny hearing the car struggle to turn over in the AM again ;)

Please, please Mr postman!!

And I was cleaning out an old book bag & I found a business card of a fellah I talked with at a garden show a few months ago. Figgured I'd give him a call & let him know I'm back in the hydroshop desert. Guy says he'll send out some samples. Nice guy. :cool:

I'll try to get some fresh pics up tonight or tomorrow.


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Just got back from my offsite grow. She's killing it for her first grow. I haven't been up there in like 2+ weeks & plants are banging along. I found a single banana on a plant with windburn after looking haaaaard after seeing some 3+ week old seed action. Some branches directly in the breeze are showing a few seeds, but nothing major. I only found one lonely banana. She is struggling with temps & tonight when I soaked them down, I got the impression that she assumed all plants drank at the same rate. The ones in fron of the fans were VERY dry & the squat one in the middle only took ~1.5 gallons feed to make runoff from a ~20gallon tub. She's still keeping a bunch of 6 foot sativa dom's alive :D

Stakes are 6'.

Biggest main. Magnificent!

Cropped from there. (duuuh)

Looking like my sexy LN & the cut I used to run.


Moar LaNina.

I'm jealous of the space she has to move around in & smell the dankness!! She's got sweet fuel, tropical candy, rotten onion, & moar going on!! Sadly, she's spooked to keep running at her current spot so this may be one & done. I may be buying a bunch of once-run equipment, cheap, lol. Pics of my garden soon. :)
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