Mango Haze Grown In The Tropics.


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Hey bro seems we are in a similar location . Irma devastated my island as well . I had some plants mid flower as well but I moved them Indoors before the storm and hid a few in a corner along with a bunch of
Other plants and they survived . a little tattered but still got a little something. I won my first auctions and will be growing mns hear soon . Nice journal and happy growing.


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MH, Tall Sativa Haze

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by so will wait till end of display and then respond to you . The Mango Haze is an awesomw plant and expect many different pictures as blog gets better and better, You Will like :D
If you see some white on leaves, that is only diatomacious earth from the health food stoor that keeps the fly larva off the leaves etc, scratching their fly wings and DIE! so for at least awhile until rain , you will see a little white diatomacious earth a very fine powder to can consume yourself and is not harmfull but to insects its HORRIBLE!


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Happy Holidays

Hi there everyone its very nice of you all to stop by and appreciated, God Bless You !

Broseidon, Yes, you will love both of them most definately as MH IBL is a short beafy plant and definately smells like haze, so i cloned her, looking forward to it. This big sativa girl is a beauty, also kept a clone She is packing it on! She is beautiful you will like. :p

Islandgrower, Irma was devastating lights were out for weeks with a flooded out 10 footer, destroyed all my carbon filters was very dissapointing living in the tropics. Have friends who have a home right on the beach and water just flowed through their house leaving all the doors open Flushing the house out was quite a site to behold. So anyway, thanks for stopping by this is only getting started.

Stay tuned,


Out in the SUN:)

Elmer Bud

G `day RB

I just harvested some Mango Haze in Sub tropical Australia .
Started them in coco Hempy buckets last June . Harvested in November . Cut them back and planted in the bush in early December . They revegged !

I returned 4 months later to find 2 tall haze plants .

Thanks for sharin

EB .


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MH, Very Beautiful BUDS

Thanks for stopping by Elmer Bud, this girl is amazingly fast at 8 weeks but taking her to 77 days but would consider done at the earliest 56 days. More to come , good luck with everything!:p


Knocking It Out Of The Park RB

The shot's above look like the MHI scrubdog is describing.

Hmmm. Okay I have MH inbred, The Doors, Nev Hz Mango been up for about three weeks and my MH inbred have really FAT leaves. Fatter than any of the other MNS strains I have up.

The MH inbred are also bigger and stronger than the other seedlings.

out of curiosity what year did you purchase the MHI seed?
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Mango Haze ✅

Hi Everyone so nice of you to stop by much appreciated. The mango haze female mother I saved is Enormous! She smells beautiful and is a prize to be hold she is a 56 day finisher took her to 63 days. She fills out massively like crystal fat buds and quite spectacular, the momma seed plant is very aggressive and drinks a lot of water I presently indoors have four five gallon HD buckets filled with water and lids kept her alive for 3 weeks while away and gorgeous. She will drink everything you give her and have drippers x 4 on her while away.

Hi Canna Fish, plantar fasciitis can be treated with frozen 16 ounce water bottles, fill them up x 2 and freeze them. Next day role your arches RT/LT five minutes each twice each day for two weeks , also can do stretches on tippy toes on edge of step, up down up down will stretch and give relief, hope it helps. The main branch of plantar fascia branches into five other branches. Hope it helps thanks for stopping by.:p

Hi Massey, purchased around 90 seedsof the IBL Mango haze about 2 years ago they are awesome and looking for a male to breed my regular MH female that is a beauty stay tune pictures of my monster will be documented and presently under air at 70 degrees.

More to come,

Peace 👍

In The Tropics 🌴🍌🥑


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... The mango haze female mother I saved is Enormous! She smells beautiful and is a prize to be hold...She fills out massively like crystal fat buds and quite spectacular, the momma seed plant is very aggressive...purchased around 90 seedsof the IBL Mango haze about 2 years ago they are awesome...
Same here, just finished 12 of these beauties along with 6 Master Kaze. Excellent yields with both- IBL 74 days and Kaze 70 days. Slightly better yields with the IBL. Smelling of pine and spice while the Kaze more earthy with hints of spice. Both 7” plus in 5 gal containers. Using Hort super hps with Hort blue to help with node spacing. No topping just staked 90 degrees to max light on side buds.

Good stuff RB! Thanks for your sharing and continued enthusiasm re: these fine varieties.

Aloha nui


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IBL Mango Haze taste and smell 🍭

Hi Everyone, the IBL MH smells like a fresh pack of Life Savers, thinking Butterscotch, definitely a candy smell while cutting up to vape. This is the first time having such a refreshing smell and taste of flavored Life savers with more Butterscotch. Definitely has that smell, just wonderful and unexpected.

I’m sure a few who have grown the IBL can attest the smell mentioned.
(Primal Haze) I am curing at the moment and finally getting back to you for the delay, Get Some ASAP!
Shanti, this IBL MH is a treasure to behold!✅


Resinbud, 🌴🍌🥥

In The Sun ☀