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I see the spade shape…not looking good for me, I wanted a female here. It looks like a ball but no stick. To early perhaps…pacing the floor like an expectant dad.
Don’t like the looks of this though


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She is a plush, thick, shapely thing. Got some Sativa in her for sure.
I still don’t know what pronoun to use but I will be heartbroken if she is a him. Or a “they” for that matter.
she is beautiful!

so, IMO, all but the smallest percentage of Cannabis plants, are They's. they are almost all intersex when stressed enough. even MAC ! caps cut, which many claim is Hermie Proof, I made hermie on purpose to see if this was true.

My 1st experiment on her was light leaks. took 3 weeks of a light leak every night to make it push out a banana, and as soon as the stressor was gone, she stopped pushing them out.