Male pollen


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Just curious how long the pollen from male cannabis plants can survive for? I have been told that all pollen can only survive for a few hours once airborne and it looks like a virus under a microscope. Is that true?
If you can store male cannabis pollen what is the best method?


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It can survive for months. Make it wet and its over with. yeah it looks like sperm :ROFLMAO:

you have to dry it. And then it can be frozen in airtight packaging.


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I've always heard that people freeze it, I never manage to harvest it, it's too volatile
when I make seeds I take the female and rub it on the male or I sew the male on the female

i had try to put some pollen on a box but it's never a success


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The hardest part for me is isolating the males then collecting the pollen over a glass pane. Some pollen seems to be lighter and more airborne than others.
yes is this part is very difficult

to day i put 3 diesel males in foret for do some cross and few days ago i have put 2 g13skunk X tangie (home cross) on another spot i will come back later with a little clone for do the seeds
i will try to collect a bit of pollen in box i never try with a glass i will try to found something like that is a ggood idea

thanks for the tip


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I have read that if you put the male to the females the females notice that and the seed has a better quality if they can do their thing :love: