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Well, I've been reading about all of the benefits of lactobacillus, and I want to stop adding to my compost pile outside, so I decided to start up a few bokashi bukkits.

I did one 'cheating', and I dunno if it will work, but what the hell. I also started the culture for a 'real' bukkit, but that won't be ready for the next step for ~2weeks. Then 2 more weeks after I add the milk. Then 2 more weeks to cook the compost. Then 2 more weeks for the lacto bacteria to populate my soil bukkits. So I'll show ya how I started the culture, and how I set up the cheater bukkit. If the cheater bukkit doesn't work, I'll just chuck the whole mess into the compost pile to 'hot cook'.

Let's start with the culture.

Here is what I need for the culture, minus the 2qt sauce pan. Mason jar, lid with ring, coffee filters (metal one optional, but I already have it), rice. The dairy products are for the cheater bukkit.

I filled the mason jar with ~1/2 cup each white & short grain rice, and 1/2 cup oats. I put the coffee filter on for the pic, but I needed the sealed lid...

Then I heated up ~4cups water to ~160 deg, and poured into the jar. Shook tha shit outta it...

Here's what's left.


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Then I strained the liquid back into the pan.

Rinse out the jar, and pour the liquid back in to cool. Then cover with the coffee filter, and off to a cool, dark place for a 10-14 days.

I have to look up the time frame, and I'll post links to the sites I'm getting the info from, but I have to add milk at some point in the future. This is the 'REAL' way to do it, but I also did Fugazee Bokashi :D


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Ok, here is how I did the cheater bukkit.

I needed yogurt, 'cultured' milk (I used buttermilk - cultured means it has bacteria added. you can use cheese, yogurt, whatever), newspaper, a 3 gallon with tight fitting lid, and bedding. I used leaf compost for the bedding.

I mixed in ~1 cup of butter milk and the 6oz cup of yogurt in a sauce pan. Then I soaked newspaper strips for a few minutes. The newspaper got layered on top of the leaf compost bedding.

Layered on some kitchen goodies - teabags, corn cob (choppped up), coffee grinds, egg shells.


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Then I layered some more soaked newspaper strips.

Then I added some roots and stems and a lil leaf. I prolly should have drizzled some molasses or sprinkled some sugar on there, but ohwell. There is sugar in the milk and yogurt (strawberry, lol)

Another layer of the soaked newspaper...

Sprinkled a lil castings on the top for good luck, and sealed her up.

The concept is that the bacteria will break down the organic material, and explode it's population in the process. I'm supposed to add some organic waste every day, and expose the bukkit to as little air as possible. After it has broken down and populated itself, I add the mix to a soil batch, and the batch becomes innoculated with the lacto bacteria.

Here is the site (and the links on it) I'm getting most of the info from.

Here is the step by step on cultivating the bacteria from rice wash.
"Making your own bokashi starter culture in place of commercially available EM is incredibly easy.
My goal from the start was to produce bokashi compost without the use of expensive EM, bran or fancy buckets.
The most important component of the commercial EM in relation to bokashi is lactobacillus bacteria, the others are secondary (if at all necessary) and can be cultured in the bucket when conditions are favorable.
I culture my own lactobacillus serum starting with a rice wash water solution.
Making the serum is amazingly simple.
I mix one part rice thoroughly with two parts water (1/2 a cup to one cup). Mix thoroughly and vigorously. Drain. The resulting water should be cloudy.
Place the rice water in a container with 50-75% head space allowing plenty of air to circulate. Cover lightly (air should be able to move in and out of the container) and place in a cool dark spot for 5-8 days.
At the end of the wait the mixture should smell mildly sour.
Strain out any particles."
People swear by this, and I know the power of microbes, so wish me luck! Anyone with any info is encouraged to drop in to help me not fukk this up :^)


fs m8, hope your ok, looks like you hit that big toe hard or dropped something heavy on it, :D dont know much about what your doing but I will be looking in with interest, gl PS.


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I been dropping that same heavy thing on a lot of stuff, big toes, my ears, my cock :^D
All oversized, lol. mouth :^p

I hope the bokashi works, Here is a lil root porn C/O a dude who mixes his own bokashi in his soil. I bet his camera eats money, lol.


I use a "Hot Mix" recipe, ive been playing around with;here:

+Coco Coir 3 parts
+BioTerra Plus(organic soil mix) 4 parts
+Worm Castings 1 part
+Perlite 2 part

Dry Ammendments:
-Dolomite Lime 1cup/cf
-Pumice 1cup/cf
-Azomite 1cup/cf
-Bone Meal 1cup/cf
-Bokashi 1cup/cf
-Kelp Meal 1/2cup/cf
-Greensand 1/2cup/cf
-Blood Meal 1/4cup/cf
-Fish Meal 1/4cup/cf
-Alfalfa Meal 1/5cup/cf

& feed Wormcastings+BSM+fulvic acid teas
No nute going unused there!
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Yo guys, thanks for stoppin by :D

BBG - If it's done correctly, the only part of the process that stinks is after I add milk to the rice wash, but once I separate the milk solids, the smell is supposed to go with them. Even the compost process is supposed to be light on the odor. I think the idea is that the anaerobic (thrives w/o oxygen) L.bacilli actually eats the odor causing (aerobic)bacteria. I read a very similar thread on IC on this last night, and 1 dood sprayed the finished product to kill cat piss smell.

If my cheater bukkit starts to stink, in the compost pile it goes. If it's gonna rot, it will be inside a ton of leaves and dirt, @ 160 deg :D So far nothing going on with the rice/oat wash...


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Zombie bokashi thread comes to life

Whatever happened to your cheater bucket experiment? It sounds like an easy way to bypass expensive commercial bokashi bran or the inconvenience of making lactobacillus serum.