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Hi Mr. Nice Family!

In this topic i`ll try :D to keep you guys updated about my grow experiences with MNS varieties, the MadNina project, I`ve been busy and alot of nice work passed the grow room without real time to shoot some decent pics and share
it over here. I did made some pics now and then and will drop some off those over here. There`s also done some upgrades to the grow room, that i like to discuss later on. I`m still working on my quest for that special couchlock hybrid.
And actually allready found what im looking for... it`s a mix off 1/3 MedicineMan with 2/3 LaNina into a spliff :D So my thoughts where i have to work my way around to get the species crossed and find me just that recipe in the plants.
So at first i figured i wanted to find me some more Mullumbimby Madness to throw into the mix, the species itself i could not find anywhere. I did manage to get me some NH21xMM and MMxKush. But when they arrived at me i started thinking
what i was getting myself into, crossing one of those with the laNina to double up on the MMadness.
after finding me what im looking for and not even sure yet what that exactly would be, i would wanna cross it with MedicineMan or
what i like to call it MadMan. I started to reallize that this project is going to take more then a few months, it would be more likely years to work it out perfectly.
For sure it would grow above my head, and i still need to keep producing something decent to smoke aswell.
So i had to re-organize my plans and take a step back. The LaNina and MedicineMan are allready masterpieces like they are now, so let me first go pheno hunting, tying to find that special woman in the LN and hit her with some nice stud from the
MM line try to work my way up and succeed in making F3 out off both lines. Build up more experience as i go, and create my own MadNina.

So to get you guys up to speed i`ll line up the varieties that passed the room lately:

MasterKush Skunk
Super Silver Haze
Angel Heart
SuperSilverHaze x Widow


Most of them are welcome back except for Masterkushskunk she`s a strong indica smoke but also a real stinker.. so much my whole house smelled like it and friends that visited me could smell it at the front door :D so no more stinky kush
for me. Also the NL5/af isnt it for me, she grows well but just not a fan off the Hightimes she gave, and a quick tolerance build up aswell. Since the medicineman past my grow space i started wondering about Afghan Haze that she
could be a interesting variation to give a try. She will be thrown into the mix too as i go and find space to fit her in. Main project will be MedicineMan and laNina. And on the side i`ll fit in some off those specials ive laying around.

now im back to growing my favourite, LaNina!! the beans spend alot of time reaching me but finally they did! More on them in the next post!



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Hey Byorn,

Interesting and ambitious project you are embarking upon...good hunting! I'll be very interested to see what you turn out. Your grows are beautiful! Best of luck.


Very cool, very interested how this turns out keep us updated when you have the time. The LaNina looks awesome looking forward to growing some out myself one day, so many strains to grow only 1 lifetime to grow them !

Happy Hunting brother!


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Wow, such a nice greenery :)

Good project, Iam yet to discover Widow lines from MNS, am already waiting on my season start.

Paky One

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Most of them are welcome back except for Masterkushskunk she`s a strong indica smoke but also a real stinker.. so much my whole house smelled like it and friends that visited me could smell it at the front door so no more stinky kush for me.
Not the majority of the MKSk are fact the more stinking ones are those leaning heavily on the Sk side. Got one I kept for years which was the closest to the ExCh cut I ever found...but the more sativish ones were not at all stink and were the best in terms of quality of the high.Still one of the best strain from the MNS camp in my book, hope to conduct new runs of selection in the future...if I stay alive till then....:D

Good luck in your project.


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Hey braddah!

It's good to have you back on the boards :) It will be great to see you killin' the La Nina once again. She really is a special plant with unique characteristics. Such a fine high coming from a reasonably short-maturing sativa! And then the powerhouse that is Medicine Man :eek: In fact, made more oil yesterday from this excellent medicinal strain. Might as well start making and storing meds for the coming "winter". I think I'll call it "martial law oil" ha.

I like your line of reasoning re:
...So i had to re-organize my plans and take a step back. The LaNina and MedicineMan are allready masterpieces like they are now, so let me first go pheno hunting, tying to find that special woman in the LN and hit her with some nice stud from the MM line try to work my way up and succeed in making F3 out off both lines...
Some of my best crosses have come from the La Nina and Medicine Man lines- both mated to my sour diesel. Yesterday, after maiking oil, I pulled out seeds of both crosses to go with the Ortega and Ort/ACDC I have decided to grow (while waiting for the new Shanti offerings hehee) :D I've probably said this before about the Widow line; all the ladies derived therefrom glisten like diamonds upon maturity. They do not disappoint.

Good hunting!



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Hi Mr Nice Fam,

Mark, thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the support! Best of luck to you aswell my friend.

Dkeppel, Always think of your name as Dr.Keppel mind fucks me everytime lol. Thanks for dropping in
I`m sure One day you`ll grow the LaNina and will be as satisfied with it as most people are!

P3Ci, Thanks Bro! Its the genetics that do the most of the shining here. Can`t go wrong with the widow
fam. Ive tryed several hybrids of mns and not diasspointed at all! i still have to try MangoWidow.

Paky, You could be right, it does depend on wich phenos that show up. Out of 8 girls i only had one that
didnt stink at all and had an more uplifting high also, futher she pretty much looked like the others
stokky indicas, fat nuggets. Heavy smoke, liked by my friend so he took all of it with him to his house
now his wife is nagging me about the smell :D Keep your hopes up bro, you will go hunting for that
special lady agin! Thanks for stopping by.

Musashi, Thank you brother! ive never left, just lurking from the shadows. still its nice to be back at it!
You`re right about the LaNina a very
special girl if you can apreciate what she brings to the table. And i do, alot! Special taste to it ive
never run into before. its nothing like what they call haze over here. But thats also clouded as most
that i know only rekkon haze when it smells like the Amnesia or silverhaze cut that dominates the dutch
scene. To me its special to know that there is no Skunk or Northernlights in this hybrid, i think thats
pretty unique. As the majority ive grow up with always had one of the two on board. Except the widow cut
that was hot in the 90`s but of that one im not sure where it originated from, i like to believe its a
pheno found in shantis gear.
Nice name for the Oil! Must be pretty potent stuff coming from the MedicineMan. Good to read your crosses
where succesfull ones! Im really excited about what i will find on my way!


So lets talk about some laNinas, Ive put 9 seeds in paper towel and 7 of them sprouted. They have been grown for
4,5 weeks under 50w cob led until they showed sex, and also the MadMan round had to be completed aswell.
All healthy plants, ended up with 3 girls, 3guys and a overgrown runt. The 3 girls i kept and the others got discarded.
Thats also nice with laNina, if you grow them until they show sex they do not tend to stretch to crazy when going
into flower. Can`t do it with mangohaze for instance, they will overgrow my room. I`m happy with these three girls
when looking at their structure and feeding needs, me think.. they are phenos that will go 9,5-11 weeks. Im looking for
those that will go up to 12weeks, and hopefully have alot mullem that shines trough. i took some clones but wont show them..
they look like i need some more practising :D its a good exercise for me getting used again to cutting clones, and
nursing them.

One week later.................................................................Two weeks later..................................................................................start of flower

I still have to fix me a male chamber of sorts.
a small cabinet should be fine for this i hope, as i probably wont be holding on to them after ive got their pollen.
I like to keep plant numbers as low as possible. That also a thing i`m working on, want to build a tiny clone/start-up
box thinking about a pc case, or atleast something that gets overseen if the popo show up. With clones the numbers
add up to quick. allready got some parts underway. Lets see if i still can build a micro setup, ive started my career as
micro grower it`s cool to get back there, now with other intentions and better funding. Would be nice to hide away
10 rooting clones or some poped up seeds. More on this later on.

I just started up a new batch of seeds and theres one with slightly more sativa leaning leaves at the first set, so got
my eye on that one. Just having a new phone with better camera(s) so hopefully pictures will improve from now on. I try to be
on top of them from the first set of leaves, to get an idea what to expect in growth and flower. To me this is getting to
know my girls from every aspect and learn as much as possible about them. Like you get to explore the hot twin sister :p
and find out where she differs from the other sis. So much fun times ahead!

For the next post i like to discuss some growroom upgrades and some safety features that come along with it. So stay tuned!

take it easy peepz! Greetzzz


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Hi MNS Fam!

A little while back i woke up and got off bed to go to work. When i came out off the bedroom
i immediately heard the sound off a waterpump running dry, ofcourse it came from the grow area..
so i rushed my way up there and there i found about 100liters reservoir water all over the
floor. A pain in the ass to clean up early in the morning.. the Floor ruined.. and almost
created an hazard with electrics that where just above the water line. I decided
somethings have to change. So i made a deal with myself, that every week i have to do some
improvement to my grow area.

till now i have done a few things,

\*created an complete seperate power line with own fuse
for the grow area.

\*Done away with all exstention cords and replaced them with hardwired outlets
screwed to the wall.

\*Installed a solid waterpipe to the grow area and made a tap point so no more
waterhose loose on the floor.

\*Finishd the sound proof flooring, this helps so much no sound is getting out off
the grow area. All the walls are isolated aswell.

\*Placed serveral mirrors to improve on wall reflection

\*installed a max temp thermostat, bassicly all power gets cut off when temp raises
above 55celcius.

\*installed next to my regular fire detector a set off heat&smoke detectors that
are connected to eachother so if a fire sets off all detecors in the house will
go off giving alarm. they are also connected to a hub trough Radio signal this hub
wil also give an alarm in the form off sound an flashing light. the hub also notifys
me on my phone.

\*installed several water flood sensors. These are also connected with the hub to get
phone notification aswell.

summing all those up make me realize ive done more allready then i thought. Next thing i
would like to do is build all my led drivers and timers into a metal wall case. Now they
are screwd to a wooden board. Makes more sense to build them into something that is more
fire proof. This way i keep finding things to improve on. All in all didnt spend to much
so far but must say had alot of it already in house.

Could be im over cautious but after some accidents and almost a fire once i believe its
better to prevent shit than solve it. Like i do a once in a month maintenance inspection.
Nothing really special, just checking on all electric connections and test safety equipment,
and cleaning the room and lubricate all fans, download the datalogger file to the laptop etc

I wonder what do you guys do in terms off safety? any fire protection/detection?

Take it easy, greetzzZ


Kia Ora Byorn,

As I'm an electrician you might think I have some sort of extra electrical safety in place for the grow space, I do not.

I had written you an explanation why I don't think it's needed in my situation and I suspect yours but it wasn't really 100% correct, I'll be back later with some better advice once I get some time. In the meantime Google, AFDD, RCD and MCB these 3 devices together would give you all the protection you need.
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HI Dkeppel,

That makes two off us ;) i think there exactly lies the risk, thinking we got it all covered and know what we are doing :D

I installed this set just for the grow area, and think this is what you meant

reason i bring this all up is i hope that i atleast inspire 1 person to take a look around the next time being in their grow space and change something for the better.

Take it easy, GreetzzZ


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-I am now planing the cob build, so there will be driver mounted to the aluminum U profile. Does this mounting the driver to frame make good ground?

-In near future, I want webkamera so I can make sure on my own eyes.

-No more protections for me..
Simply just believing my Ruck 125LS
And the light itself (around 200W - 210W)
Humidifier runs just for a week to two or so, it is just there sitting, unpolugged all the time ;)

What would you tell me to get for protection?
I would like to buy some good protected power socket.. that this make sense? :)


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Hi P3Ci,

sounds like a plan! If you proper connect the driver to the frame asuming you having a metalhoused led driver from say meanwell, like this one

you should be golden when you use rivets or some M6 bolt&nuts to mount it to the frame.

I would give it some thoughts before you hang a webcam or IPcam in your grow room. Its known that most IPcams are not really safe if it comes to security. Alot of them get hacked and that person can see all what your camera sees. If i where a legal grower i would have no problem hanging one in the groom room, even tough i would cut the power with a timer or smart plug so it wouldnd be broadcasting all the time just when its needed.

I have a easier time using other kinds of smart products like the temperature and humidity logger i use. I named my device snake room logger..:D if anyone would follow my logger at the cloud company they dont get any crazy ideas in their head what it could be used for. Its a nice add on, to be able to see whats happening when your are not at home, an logger thats keeps record for a year, and that for a couple bucks ($20). Or even when you are at home. lets say the exaust fan shuts off for what ever reason i would know pretty soon as the temps will raise and the logger informs me about it with a notification on the phone.

Hmm, what would i advice as protection.

At least have some fire detection, i think heat detectors or a combined heat/smoke detector are best choice for our hobby. Make sure electrical connections are done properly and are safely mounted. even an extention cord can be hung up with elastics or tyraps to a wall or tent pole, so you wont trip over it, or spill water on it. Its one off those easy things you can do.
And what Dkeppel started about having your electrics connected to a power outlet/line that has a proper fusing for shortcuts and earthfault protection. What i believe is pretty common nowadays to have in a standard house fuse box.

When you do need to use an extentioncord try to use an industrial one. These are way better designed then those cheapos for a dollar or two.

and you could also go for a version that has a fuse protection included



Kia Ora Byorn,

You baited me a bit there, you had me thinking your an amateur who needed some electrical advice, can't really call up an electrician and say "Hey can you come wire up a sub board in my illegal grow room please".

I guess you could just have them install an AFDD and/or MCBO at the main switchboard for what ever circuits the grow room is on.

There is no 230v inside my grow space, everything is run to the outside of the grow space and I have MCBO protection at the main switchboard, I consider this enough protection because it meets local regulations for a wet room and it's just LED lights in there.

I even drew you a simplistic diagram last night for how we'd wire a sub board in my country, I'm not sure how your distribution network works in your country so it could be all wrong but I'd be interested to know if you would wire it in a similar way in your country.... I suspect in your country you would switch the line and neutral at the mainswitch, your only required to switch the line here so thats what we do normally.


Disclaimer: There should be a dedicated earth at the main switchboard that I left out on my drawing and don't play with mains power unless you know what your doing boys, getting a shock from 230v is quite painful / could be lethal.
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Hey Dkeppel,

Well.. that wasn`t my intention, i just wanted to get an discussion going ;)
yeah you re right its probably not wise to just call a electric company in to wire up the grow room. Even tough i have seen some people, where an constructor pratically build their grow room, heated flooring and all. But the contractor was thinking it would be a Bird nursery :D I helped out setting up some grow rooms for friends, and its a good thing to have some one around that knows what hes doing. ive seen the most crazy things, like live wires hanging loose on face height or mains connected to door post as securtiy:eek:

I guess you could just have them install an AFDD and/or MCBO at the main switchboard for what ever circuits the grow room is on.
yep this is what i would advice anyone who wants to have it in place but without them knowing about the grow. In most houses its actually a solid solution. keep all fuses at 1 spot, the house isnt that big that you cant walk up to the fusebox if anything goes wrong. You should be good like you have it:cool:

Thats an intresting question. Im gonna try to answer it hope you`ll follow.

We have several distribution systems, basicly i split them in two versions. One that comes with an earth protecion from the electric company, and one without. In case it comes without you`ll have to supply it yourself by an long earthrod that goes into the ground. and connect it with the Earthrail in the fuse box.

Here is an basic setup of the main fuse box. MAINSWITCH>>RCD>>FUSE

We indeed also cut the nagative wire. out of every fuse we take L+N and a wire from the earthrail and then go to power outlets and lightpoints etc.

if we want to have a sub fusebox, we have to protect the outgoing cable from the mainfusebox to the sub fusebox with an RCD and Fuse. On the sub fuse box the incoming cable again gets connected with a RCD and Fuse that has to be a rating 1,6 lower then those in the main fusebox. This way it guarantees that the the fuse in the mainfusebox wont trip if something would happen at the circuit of the sub fusebox.

hope its a bit more clear now :)



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Aloha braddahs!

Man, my head is spinning with all that technical know-how. Great info braddahs. I do at least know what it's like to have 200v surge through my body. It was a rush or should I say it was enlightening lol?
Everything is looking great!

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Kia Ora Byorn,

You have a very similar distribution system as us by sounds of it and very similar regulations, maybe a little more strict I suspect :D Good to know if I needed to look for work overseas .......

Plants are looking great for 4 weeks how long is the flowering time for these girls? That grow room of yours looks very nice, I have grow room envy, is it 250 watts of COBs in each of those frames you've built (Or is there 1 frame and a reflection in the mylar)? How's the smell ?

Mu I've been shocked dozens of time, never got a big shock but I've had some good ones, I'd say it's always a bit of a shock when you get shocked, not sure what it is maybe the near death experience but it gives you a high LOL.


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Hi MNS Fam!

hey P3Ci, thanks bro
the mirrored vision is indeed fascinating. But does it also make it hard to get good pictures without getting myself on there aswell :D

Those 230v shocks i had several off them they are some what okay giving a rush in adrenaline, dont shortcut the positive with the negative wire through your body, that one isnt so nice at all. cramping up all your muscles. I had one time the wire hit my head climbing up a ladder, i tell you this fucked me up several hours. And another time ive managed to grab a cable with open wires with 400v on it, the metal plating in my shoe got bend over it, i got lucky my collegue pushed me hard enough i came loose from the wire. since then i do alot more measuring :rolleyes:

Hi Dkeppel,

Its the 4th week since the onsett of flower, so not 4th week 12/12. And i also tend to not start counting until there is really flower visible so not by the first hairs. So that could also count towards their looking like this in week 4.
Thank you brother
its a work in progress. Must say the room offers space for alot more light and plants, but when i was building it i already had those two light rigs and one off the reasons i wanted this room like it is now is i can be in there aswell. Closing the door behind me is something i really like, it feels like being on a tropical vacation in your own home. Also do my trimming in there, docu on the laptop kills the time easy.

its two light rigs in the room. A 250w cob setup and a 300w cob setup. Im thinking about replacing the 250w set for samsung influx strips, these have a better lumen per watt as this cob setup has now and the strips can get a bit closer to canopy so all in all i could safe on electrics and get the same yield. or stay with the same Watts in terms off power and get more yield. Im probably gonna go with last option. build a strip setup off 300w and then dimm it down to get the strips to produce about 200lumen/Watt. Rougly that would mean 15-20% more yield for the same electric output.

I hoped i had several girls that would go 9,5 weeks flower. But if i see them now i think they will be done a bit sooner. Its actually a bit harder to judge than normal as i had placed a tower fan to close to the girls so they got some wind stress, what i think also causes one of them to throw some nanners. Ive pulled a panty over the tower fan and the flow of wind is more subtile now. But some seeding i suspect, so it will be checking trichomes regularly to be sure when to harvest. Ive had phenos that go between 7 weeks up to 14weeks but the majority goes between 9,5-11weeks.



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My friend is working in heights in holland, and got hit by lightning - He was okay tho.. :)

Then on the fly back here.. He got the worst turbulences in airplane and in storm. :D

So he got quite messed by all things that hapenned in one week. :D